Whilst it is apparent that the private sector has a crucial role to play in the achievement of sustainable sanitation, its engagement has largely been limited to service provision, and at best, financial contributions through corporate social responsibility.

In Ghana the Environmental Services Providers Association (ESPA), a network of private sector environmental service providers, is self-organising and supporting the government and the entire sector in dynamic ways. ESPA aims to coordinate private sector service delivery and promote best practice through information sharing. To achieve this, ESPA has chosen to facilitate the setup and running of the Ghana Sanitation think tank 'Tersus', in collaboration with the academia and the newly established ministry of sanitation.

Tersus as an independent body of environmental sanitation experts largely drawn from the academia and the private sector, which seeks to address the knowledge gaps in the sector. It aims to provide innovative, evidence-based policy recommendations on environmental sanitation management informed by knowledge and practices drawn from Ghana and across Africa.


Ms Ama Ofori Antwi (ESPA) espaghana.com/ 

Dr. Simon Mariwah (Tersus thinktank)

Followed by a Q and A session.