An important area for capacity development relates to community engagement and the involvement of communities in the planning process of projects. Increasingly planners and government look to tool kits as a turn-key solutions but there is a need to consider what they want to get from the use of a toolkit. A number of planning tools are available to governments, these include SANDEC’s Community Led Urban Environmental Sanitation (CLUES) and Urban Community Led Total Sanitation (U-CLTS) from Practical Action, which has been applied in Nakuru, Kenya. But how do we know which model to choose, how to compare them, and which fits the situation it will be applied in?

This webinar discussed what questions to ask before choosing a community engagement model for a given situation, the approach of CLUES and U-CLTS models for urban sanitation and some suggestions around how to compare different models to address the needs of a situation.


What next for Urban Sanitation – Pippa Scott

The CLUES model – Samuel Rengali (Sandec)

The U-CLTS model – Jamie Myers (IDS)

How to compare models to ensure you get the right tool for the job – Marta Domini (Uni. Brescia)