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The NSS Conference, organized jointly by IWA and WRC in Johannesburg, is just around the corner (15th to 18th October). This conference is dedicated to expediting the implementation of non-sewered sanitation solutions in the Global South to help achieve the SDG sanitation targets.

The SuSanA secretariat won't be able to attend in person, but many members and partners of SuSanA will be present and actively participating and making significant contributions throughout the event.



Organizers: GWOPA, WaterWorX, SuSanA and its Africa Chapter, AfWASA, German Water Partnership, FSMA, AquaFed and GIZ (SOWAS)

Timeline: September 2023 until February 2024

Objective: promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and lessons learned among water operators. Through this series, we aim to highlight 10+ diverse case studies from across Africa. These cases offer a window into the various approaches that water utilities are taking to improve access to urban sanitation. In each session, we will delve into the practical realities faced by water utilities, exploring both successes and setbacks. We aim to facilitate an open dialogue on best practices and the valuable lessons learned from failures. This peer-to-peer format will serve as a collaborative platform for water operators to learn from and be inspired by each other. Be part of this dynamic exchange: your participation will help highlight the critical role of water utilities in shaping the urban sanitation landscape and advancing sustainable sanitation solutions across Africa. All these webinars will be held in English and French!

Follow-up discussions, key questions and take-aways: check the dedicated and regularly updated Forum Thread!

WEBINAR #01: From challenges to successes - Kenyan Water Utilities' Sanitation Transformation in Nakuru and Malindi (Wednesday 13. September 2023)


Recordings in English and French are available. Powerpoints (both languages), agenda and speakers' info can be found here.

WEBINAR #02 Managing sanitation effectively: two models of national utilities in Senegal and Burkina Faso (Wednesday 25. October 2023)


Recordings in English and French are available. Powerpoints (both languages), agenda and speakers' info can be found here.

WEBINAR #03 Innovative alliances for advancing on-site sanitation - Water utilities partnering with CBS private service providers (Wednesday 22. November 2023)