13 - Behaviour Change

Working Group 13
Behaviour Change

Working Group 13 aims at fostering learning about Behaviour Change amongst SuSanA members, promoting collaboration and synergies amongst those working in Behaviour Change, and raising the profile of the importance of addressing Behaviour Change in relation to sanitation goals.

Why focus on Behaviour Change?

Sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene do not only rely on the provision of technology and services, but also on proper usage. Behaviour Change is a critical component of improving access to and practices around water, sanitation, and hygiene. While traditionally, the WASH sector has focused primarily on the delivery of "hardware" solutions, it is becoming increasingly evident that the "software" component of WASH, such as Behaviour Change, must be prioritised. The provision of services alone is not enough to achieve the health outcomes associated with improved WASH, facilities must also be utilised habitually and properly at key times.

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Ways to get involved

Existing and new SuSanA members are welcomed to get involved in the WG. Sign-up for the WG email list to stay updated and to let us know how you can lead or contribute to one of the following areas we plan to focus on:

Knowledge, Research & Learning

  • Share your experiences working on Behaviour Change, both within and outside the WASH sector
  • Present in, or participate in learning events such as webinars or thematic discussions
  • Send us key documents on Behaviour Change so we can build a Behaviour Change section in the SuSanA library assemble a top 10 list of key documents to post on the SuSanA website

Networking, collaboration and partnership

  • Promote the WG13 among your networks
  • Join or organise a WGmeeting online or in person
  • Create links to other WGs, networks, and community of practices
  • Use the forum to engage with other members

Policy and advocacy

  • Advocate for Behaviour Change amongst other SuSanA WGs and within the WASH sector at large

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Working Group Leads

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Global Handwashing Partnership, USA


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SEI, Sweden