Governance structure

The organisational structure of SuSanA is illustrated above and each of the actor groups in the alliance are briefly described below.

SuSanA secretariat

The SuSanA secretariat facilitates and coordinates the organisation, development and outputs of SuSanA. The main functions of the SuSanA secretariat are to manage the SuSanA online platform (website, forum, social media), assist partners to use SuSanA, support the preparation of SuSanA meetings and side events, assist working group leads and the core group memeber in initiatives that involve SuSanA where possible, to facilitate the production of SuSanA publications, knowledge management (online library, quality check case studies) and - since July 2011 - to moderate the open SuSanA discussion forum. The secretariat is the first point of contact for any questions about SuSanA. Read more …

SuSanA core group

The SuSanA core group is made up of individuals who are working group leads, co-leads, members of the secretariat or other professionals who volunteer their time to provide the network with strategic direction and advice. The main functions of the core group are related to planning meetings and events, proposing future strategies and making operational decisions in between the general meeting dates. Membership is limited but possible upon request. You may contact the SuSanA secretariat stating your willingness and reasons to be part of the core group. Get more insights about the core group's work.

Working groups

Within SuSanA several thematic working groups have been established in order to cover a variety of different sanitation aspects and to provide outputs that underline the problems and opportunities of these aspects. The energy of the working group members ensures vibrance in the discussion forum and at meetings. For more information, please visit the working group pages.


The partners drive the activity of SuSanA along side the working group members. Partners have several options to utilise the alliance and to contribute their experience. With the new partner page functionality, the discussion forum and the various social media channels it becomes very easy to disseminate project results, activities or initiatives and tell people about upcoming events or identify job vacancies.