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SEI is an independent international research institute with offices in Sweden, the UK, Estonia, the US, Thailand and Kenya. We have been engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels for more than 25 years. Our goal is to support decision-making and induce change towards sustainable development around the world by providing integrative knowledge that bridges science and policy in the field of environment and development. Our approach is often highly collaborative, and stakeholder involvement has always been at the heart of SEI’s work. Our projects help to build capacity and strengthen institutions to equip our partners for the long-term. SEI was the home of the EcoSanRes Programme, a pioneer in the area of sustainable sanitation between 2001 and 2011. SEI was one of the co-founders of SuSanA in 2007. At present the Sustainable Sanitation Initiative at SEI is a combination of original research, knowledge management, capacity development, policy engagement and on-the-ground action.


Supporting SuSanA and the broader WASH Community of Practice through the SuSanA on-line platform
To improve the effectiveness of the SuSanA platform as a knowledge management resource that promotes increased collaboration and information-sharing

Duration: 2012 - 2019

Central to the project are three studies, connected to the three outcomes described below in the Objectives, the results of which will inform decisions about improved planning and implementation of SuSanA.

The first study looked at how online user experiences can be enhanced for SuSanA’s […]

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  Arno Rosemarin; Kim Andersson; Simon Okoth; Sarah Dicken; Madeleine Fogde

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