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In this section resource material for people planning and/or implementing sanitation projects is available for download.

Case Studies

Etudes de casThe case studies collection comprises project experiences from all over the world. You can find examples from different locations (rural or urban), technologies (low or high tech), cultural settings and type of projects (pilot or large scale).



Technical Drawings

Dessin technique

This section is a collection of technical drawings from different sources for various topics; such as biogas plants, constructed wetlands, decentralised wastewater treatment system (DEWATS), low flush toillets and urine diversion dehydration toilets (UDDTs).



VidéosIn the Videos section you can find videos of different sustainable sanitation systems worldwide. The videos are mainly provided from SuSanA partner organisations.


Des aides visuelles et affiches Find posters and visiual aids from projects and awareness creation campaigns from all over the world in this section.

Publications for practitioners

Publications pour les professionnelsThis section provides publications recommended for practitioners.

SuSanA open discussion forum

The SuSanA open discussion forum contains numerous informative discussions, and provides the opportunity for knowledge to be shared and practitioner focused topics to be started. Click on the SuSanA Forum icon to the left to access the forum.

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