SuSanA news mail (July 2010)

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1. Update on upcoming SuSanA meeting in September
2. Community-Led-Total-Sanitation (CLTS) –Kamal Kar visits SuSanA secretariat
3. New publications - SSP Journal
4. New SuSanA partners

1. Update on upcoming SuSanA meeting in September

The next SuSanA meeting will be held in Stockholm just prior to the Stockholm World Water Week on Saturday 4 September 2010. The meeting will be hosted by SEI. We are busy planning the meeting and more information as well as the link to registration will be provided next week in the invitation to the meeting. Feel free to send us your suggestions any time.
Also this year SuSanA will organise a Roundtable discussion on Consolidating existing and new knowledge sharing initiatives in the sanitation sector - Definitions and steps towards creating a global sanitation community of practice  on Thursday 9 September. More details will be provided soon.


2. Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) – Kamal Kar visits SuSanA secretariat

On 9 July Dr.Kamal Kar the Guru of Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) visited the SuSanA secretariat in Eschborn Germany. CLTS is an innovative methodology for mobilising communities to completely eliminate open defecation by  focusing on the behavioural change needed instead of hardware to ensure real and sustainable improvements. In India alone 665 million people practice open defecation! The CLTS approach is already in use in more than 34 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Even the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is interested in CLTS and funding activities in that area. Dr. Kamal Kar spoke on the genesis, development, spread and great potential of CLTS and how a community reaches open-defecation-free status. He shared his experiences from Africa and Asia as to how the donors, bilateral and multilateral agencies could enhance the utilisation efficiency of their funding in water and sanitation projects.  

Videos: (examples from Bangladesh)
Part 1 (10 minutes):
Part 2 (6 minutes):
Part 3 (5 minutes):



3. New publications - Sustainable Sanitation Practice (SSP)  Journal

During the last 3 years EcoSan Club was partner of the ROSA project. The ROSA (Resource-Oriented Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas in Africa) project proposed resources-oriented sanitation concepts as a route to sustainable sanitation and was funded within the EU 6th Framework Programme, Sub-priority Global Change and Ecosystems. The project was carried out from October 2006 to March 2010 and was implemented in four pilot cities: Arba Minch in Ethiopia, Nakuru in Kenya, Arusha in Tanzania, and Kitgum in Uganda. The Issue 4 of Sustainable Sanitation Practice (SSP) is a special issue that presents the highlights and main findings of the ROSA project. The 7 papers included in this special issue describes specific aspects of the ROSA project and provides an outlook on future activities in the pilot cities.

Download Journal 


4. New SuSanA partners

The following 9 new partners joined SuSanA since January 2010 bringing the total number to 128

Peepoople – Sweden
CLTS Foundation     
EPHNO – Nepal
Bioforsk – Norway
Friends of Nature – Nepal JINJ Ltd. - Armenia Global Development Research Center – Japan Local Governance Network – India Land and Water Bolivia

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