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Water Today’s Water Expo 2013 7th Edition, Chennai, India

07.02.2013 - 09.02.2013

The WATMAN Conference Committee welcomes abstracts, poster sessions on cutting edge water resource and water environment issues. Global perspectives are encouraged on all topics.
The Call for abstracts is your opportunity to be a part of the most powerful water quality event of the year—submit an
abstract, or a poster session proposal for 2013! Young professionals and exhibitors/manufacturers are invited to submit to any of the topics that best covers their subject matter.
The WATMAN Conference Committee has selected the following topics for WATMAN 2013.

The WATMAN 2013 International Conference is on
Sustainable 3R Solutions on Water Management – Reduce Recycle Reuse.

1. Industrial Wastewater Management
2. Innovative O&M of Infrastructure (with CSR initiatives)
3. Incremental Sanitation
4. Solid Waste Management
5. Sewerage as a misplaced resource
6. Ecology Vs Economy (session 1)
7. Ecology Vs Economy (session 2)
8. Desalination
9. Membrane Technologies
10. Latest Strategies on Water Management

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