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Aug. 2009 (Stockholm, No. 10)
The 10th SuSanA meeting was held on the 18th August 2009 in Stockholm at the World Water Week. A SuSanA side event "Sanitation systems and their links to climate change, food security, and urban development - The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA): A learning network" was also organised during the World Water Week.

View the slideshow of the 10th SuSanA Meeting in Stockholm on flickrVenue: Stockholm World Water Week (WWW), Stockholm International Fairs (Stockholmsmässan).

During Day 1 (Sunday 16th August): a SuSanA side event was held at the Stockholm World Water Week from 17.45h - 19.30h in Room T5. The event was convened by GTZ and co-convened by SEI-EcoSanRes, Eawag-Sandec,  WB-WSP, UN- Habitat. Furthermore, a core group meeting was organised where presentations on the SuSanA vision document 2 "Sustainable pathways to reach the sanitation MDGs" and organisational issues were discussed.

Several working group meetings (WG 03, 04, 05 and 11) were coordinated and organized by the working group leads on Day 2 (17th August).

The SuSanA plenary meeting was held on Day 3 of the WWW, (Tuesday 18h August) from 17.45h to 21.30h in Room T6. During that meeting Gunilla Brattberg (SEI) welcomed all participants of the 10th SuSanA meeting and congratulated the winner of Stockholm Water Prize, honourable Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (Sulabh International), highlighting the great work he did for the sanitation community. She pointed out that the SuSanA was an excellent example of the importance of networking and communication among partners. She went back to the history of the SuSanA from the humble beginning in 2007 with a kick-off meeting in Eschborn and the further development into a continuously growing network of now more then 100 organisations. She mentioned that the SuSanA was mainly formed in view of the IYS in 2008 but she very much welcomed the final decision that was taken in Macao last year to continue with the SuSanA even after IYS 2008. She furthermore pointed out that all the partner organisations had accumulated a lot of knowledge on sustainable sanitation over the years that needed to be spread and used, and that SuSanA could play a very important role in spreading this knowledge.

On behalf of the SuSanA Arno Rosemarin presented a gift to the Stockholm Water Prize winner Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak from Sulabh International. The gift was a certificate of a donation to build one ecosan toilet in Burkina Faso. This was part of the ‘Toilet Without Borders’ project that raises money in order to adopt or sponsor toilets in Burkina Faso. Linus Dagerskog (CREPA) briefly explained the concept and mentioned that 12 toilets were already established and an additional 25 were planned. One of the toilets would be built in the name of Dr. Pathak, which would support one family with a toilet to improve their sanitation situation and allow them to grow food by reusing the nutrient rich excreta in agriculture. Arno finally mentioned that the SuSanA group thought that it was the kind of gift Dr. Pathak would like to give.

Agenda & minutes

Click below to download the final agenda of the meeting.

Agenda of the side event at the World Water Week, August 16 (Stand Aug 06, 2009)

Agenda of the plenary meeting in Stockholm, August 18, (Stand Aug 06, 2009)
Minutes of the meetings


DAY 1 (16 August)
SuSanA’s Road Map Towards More Sustainable Sanitation Practices
Arne Panesar, GTZ

Productive Sanitation Systems, Food Security and Climate Change
Anna Richert, Consultant

Peak Phosphorus- The Next Inconvenient Truth
Arno Rosemarin & Ian Caldwell, SEI

Working Group 6: Sustainable Sanitation for Cities
Arne Panesar, GTZ & Christoph Lüthi, Eawag-Sandec

Working Group 4: Sustainable Sanitation Systems, Technology Options, Hygiene and Health
Christian Zurbrügg, Eawag-Sandec

The Sanitation Nexus
Thor Axel Stenström, SEI/UMB

Draft Agenda SuSanA Core Group Meeting, 16th August 2009
Arne Panesar, GTZ

DAY 3 (18 August)
Introduction to SuSanA and the Agenda of the Meeting
Arne Panesar, GTZ

Pathways for Sustainable Sanitation: Visions Document 2
Jennifer McConville, EcoSanRes (SEI)

The Challenging Knowledge Gap (Working Group 01: Capacity Development)
Madeleine Fogde, SEI

Working Group 03: Groundwater Protection, Renewable Energies and Climate Change (RE & CC)
Christian Olt, GTZ

Working Group 03: Groundwater Protection, Renewable Energies and Climate Change (GW)
Thomas Himmelsbach, BGR

Working Group 05: Food Security and Productive Sanitation Systems
Robert Gensch, Xavier University PH

SuSanA/UN-Habitat Dialogue at the 2010 World Urban Forum at Rio de Janeiro

Working Group 6: Sustainable Sanitation for Cities - Presentation 2
Arne Panesar, GTZ & Christoph Lüthi, Eawag-Sandec

Working Group 9: Sanitation as a Business
Jack Sim

Workin Group 10: Public awareness and sanitation marketing
World Toilet Day, 19th November: A Partnership Approach
Ali Morpeth

Working Group 11: Operation and Maintenance of Sustainble Sanitation
Günter Langergraber, BOKU

Future Tasks for the SuSanA
Arne Panesar, GTZ
SuSanA Partners
(currently 231 partners)