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Home SuSanA meetings 2008 Nov. 2008 (Macao, No. 8)
Nov. 2008 (Macao, No. 8)

The SuSanA meeting was held on three days following the programme of the World Toilet Summit.


On Tuesday, 4 Nov, all SuSanA members and interested participants gathered during the welcome reception of the World Toilet Summit. On Wednesday, 5 Nov, the working groups 01, 04, 05 and 08 met from 18h to 20h. After that (from 20h to 22h), ideas for the future structure of the SuSanA were jointly collected in preparation of the discussion on the future structure of SuSanA on the next day.

On Thursday, 6 Nov, a joint plenary took place providing a brief introduction of the SuSanA and an overview of the SuSanA vision documents. This part was intended to bring newcomers (about one third of the attendees) to speed up with the SuSanA process (from 15h to 16h). It was followed by launching the Chinese capacity development node for sustainable sanitation. Later in the afternoon several working groups presented their current state, results so far and way forward (from 16h to 17:30h). In the evening the discussion focused on communication aspects, the current and future structure of the SuSanA as well as the future meetings (from 18h to 20h).

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Agenda & minutes

Click below to download the minutes of the meeting.
minutes of the 8th meeting in Macao (PDF)

Click on the link below to download the agenda of the meeting.
agenda of the 8th meeting in Macao (PDF)



The challenging knowledge gap. WG 1: Capacity Development
Madeleine Fogde, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

An approach for sanitation improvement:an experience from Japan
Hidenori Harada, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies,Kyoto University, Japan

Ecological Sanitation in the Earthquake Area
Prof. James Gao, Clean Water Alliances, China

Capacity Building of Ecological Sanitation in China and DPR Korea
Prof. ZiFu Li, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Introduction to domestic waste ecological treatment and resources recycling system of Beijing Olympic Forest Park
He Weijia, Beijing  Zhongyuan Engineering Design & Consulting Co., China

WG 4: Sustainable Sanitation Systems, Technology Options, Hygiene and Health
Chris Zurbrügg, Sandec/Eawag, Switzerland

Current organisational structures and processes  of the SuSanA
Arne Panesar, gtz, Germany


Introduction to SuSanA and to the agenda of the meeting
Arne Panesar, gtz, Germany

Joint road map - sustainable sanitation related activities of the SuSanA

Towards more sustainable sanitation solutions – SuSanA Vision Document 1
Roland Schertenleib, Eawag/Sandec, Switzerland

Visions II Doc: Conclusions
Arno Rosemarin, SEI, Sweden

The Challenging Knowledge Gap. Working Group 01 : Capacity Development
Madeleine Fogde, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

WG 03: Groundwater protection, Renewable energies and Climate change
Christian Olt, GTZ, Germany

WG 05: food security & productive sanitation systems
Robert Gensch, Xavier University, Philippines

WG 06: Sustainable Sanitation for Cities
Arne Panesar, gtz, Germany and Christian Lüthi, Eawag/Sandec, Switzerland

Database on sustainable sanitation activities - Sanimap
Shigenori Asai, Japan Water Forum, Japan

Current organisational structures and processes of the SuSanA
Arne Panesar, gtz, Germany

SuSanA Partners
(currently 231 partners)