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Your search did not match any data base entries.

To be more successful, please try the following:
•    Double check the spelling
•    Try similar search words
•    Try to use more general terms for your search

For further search tips, please refer to our General Search Tips.

General Search Tips

Step by step search
Start your search with one or two words. If you enter two words, documents will be found that contain both of these words (in any particular order), since two words are treated like an AND-search.

Author search
Only use the last name.
Example: a document by Peter Morgan → put only Morgan in the search field.

Way of spelling
Ensure correct spelling! Also: Try the British way (words written with “s”) and the American way (words written with “z”).
Example: urbanisation / urbanization, fertiliser / fertilizer.
Also: Search with and without punctuation (hyphen) and also with and without space.
Example: urine-diversion / urine diversion, grey-water / greywater / grey water, wastewater / waste water, reuse / re-use.

Language specific letters
Letters such as ä, ö, ü, é, ñ, ç, ŷ are identical in the search to a, o, u, e, n, c, y.
Sometimes instead of ä, ö, ü, → ae, oe, ue is used. Try both options for these cases.
Letters such as œ, æ, β are avoided. Try instead oe, ae, ss.

Try out similar search words
Search by using a synonym or a similar word.
Example: toilet, latrine, water-closet, etc.

Add or remove the letter "s" for more results
Two different lists of results are generated when searching for singular and plural word forms. Try both ways for more results.
Example: latrine, latrines.

Avoid using “and”, “or”, and “the”
It is recommended not to use these words, unless they are part of a specific title.
Example: title: “Treatment technologies for human faeces and urine”

Use the category search
...and specify e.g. mode of publication, region, country, language.
Example: if you are looking for a specific ‘case study’ from ‘Chad’, written in ‘English’ then: Preselect case study as mode of publication (left column on the website), preselect region (Sub-Saharan Africa), country (Chad), language (English) (right column on the website).


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