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2012 - Compilation of 13 factsheets on key sustainable sanitation topics. von Münch, E., Ingle, R., Mbalo, D., Kappauf, L. (eds.) Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) and GIZ, Germany. [7.48 MB]

This factsheet book is a compilation of 13 thematic factsheets which were produced by the eleven SuSanA working groups. What makes these factsheets special is that they are …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 5666 • Downloads: 1099

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2011 - Toolkit for urban public sanitation projects in Kenya (Version 1.0). WSTF Water Services Trust Fund, Kenya. [429.31 KB]

This toolkit contains the complete set of tools (e.g. drawings, BoQs, management guidelines) that the Water Service Providers (WSPs) need to plan, design, implement, manage, …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 2454 • Downloads: 1564

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2010 - Operation and Maintenance - Successful Models for O&M of Sanitation Systems. Ecosan Club (ed.) Sustainable Sanitation Practice (SSP), Issue 2. EcoSan Club, Austria. [1.63 MB]

The second issue of Sustainable Sanitation Practice (SSP) focuses on "Successful models for operation and maintenance of sanitation systems". …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 1295 • Downloads: 54

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2009 - Decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) and sanitation in developing countries - A practical guide - sample version, selected pages only. Gutterer, B., Sasse, L., Panzerbieter, T., Reckerzügel, T. Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC), Loughborough University, UK, in association with Bremen Overseas Research (BORDA), Germany. [6.64 MB]

The guidebook "Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems and Sanitation in Developing Countries – A practical guide" is addressed to Urban Service Providers or National and …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 2279 • Downloads: 312

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