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Roles and functions of the SuSanA secretariat

The SuSanA secretariat facilitates and coordinates the organisation, development and outputs of SuSanA. The main functions of the SuSanA secretariat are to manage the SuSanA website and partners, support the preparation of SuSanA meetings and side events, to network with the working groups, working group leads and the core group, to facilitate the production of SuSanA publications, produce the SuSanA DVD (a partial offline version of the website), manage the online library, quality check case studies, support the working group mailing lists and - since July 2011 - to moderate the open SuSanA discussion forum. The secretariat is the first point of contact for any questions about SuSanA.

Preparation or facilitation of SuSanA meetings and side events together with partners

  • Facilitate the development of the agenda for the meeting with working group leads and the core group
  • Send out emails for announcing the meeting
  • Management of participants (e.g. registration, confirmation of availability of presenters and coordinate sponsorship requests if scholarships from SuSanA partners are available)
  • Produce minutes of the meeting and getting them endorsed by the participants, before sending them to all SuSanA partners and putting them onto the SuSanA website
  • Coordinate input of SuSanA to other conferences for side events and seminars
  • Coordinate SuSanA booth at other conferences, exhibitions and events

Networking with working groups, working group leads and the core group

  • Organise input from the 11 working groups to the SuSanA meetings or side events
  • Organise input to general SuSanA topics (vision paper, JMP indicators, events, website)
  • Organise conference calls with the core group (e.g. to prepare a SuSanA meeting, a press release or a joint SuSanA publication)

Preparation of SuSanA publications and case studies together with members

  • Help in facilitating the development of joint SuSanA publications such as factsheets
  • Facilitate the endorsement of SuSanA publications through SuSanA partners
  • Encourage SuSanA members and others to make use of the case study template to describe sustainable sanitation projects
  • Review and quality check SuSanA case studies together with the authors
  • Lay-out, proof-read and print SuSanA publications according to demand and financial means
  • Facilitate further development of publications (such as updates of factsheets, factsheet compilation, translation of vision statement into different languages)
  • Preparation of SuSanA posters with the logo-set (containing the logos of partner organisations), banner and flyer about SuSanA
  • Publish a SuSanA news mail about once per month

Maintenance of website, online library and DVD

  • Manage the content of the SuSanA website
  • Collection of new documents for the website (publications, conference presentations, posters, drawings)
  • Collection of news items to be posted on the SuSanA website
  • Ensure all copyrights for the provided documents are given and that this is documented
  • Respond to any problems during registration
  • Refine and improve the usability of the website
  • Coordination of the translations for the French and Spanish pages of the website
  • Production of a DVD which is a partial off-line version of the website

Management of SuSanA partners and members

  • Check SuSanA mailbox and answer questions
  • Approval of applications for membership on SuSanA website
  • Integrate new partners into the website and logo-set
  • Manage the online partner database (e.g. update the partner profiles, upload new logos)
  • Conduct partner mapping in regular intervals
  • Manage the mailing lists (i.e. the full list and the working group mailing lists)
  • Conduct occasional surveys about the website or other SuSanA products amongst the members

Maintaining SuSanA's social media presence (since February 2010)

  • Write status updates on SuSanA's facebook page and respond to postings by others
  • Upload videos to SuSanA's Youtube video channel and mark suitable videos as favourites
  • Maintain a presence on twitter
  • Help SuSanA members to upload sanitation photos to SuSanA's photo database on flickr, including photo descriptions, set descriptions and tagging (since July 2008)

Moderation of SuSanA's open discussion forum (since July 2011)

  • Moderation of the discussion forum, such as assurance that posts do not violate the SuSanA forum etiquette; moving forum posts to the most relevant category or topic
  • Improve the forum structure e.g. by creating new categories and subcategories
  • Provide general support for forum users (resetting of forgotten passwords or log-ins, support with forum related IT problems)
  • Encourage new people to make use of the discussion forum
  • Ensure the existence of the discussion forum is known inside and outside of the sanitation sector
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