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About SuSanA

Voices from the 12th SuSanA Meeting
Madeleine Fogde on SuSanA at the 13th SuSanA Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda in July 2011

The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is an open international network of members who share a common vision on sustainable sanitation. SuSanA came into existence in early 2007 and works as a coordination platform, working platform, sounding board, contributor to the policy dialogue on sustainable sanitation and as a “catalyst”. At the present time, the secretariat function is carried out by GIZ (German International Cooperation) and the current number of partners is displayed at the bottom of this page.

Participation is open to those who want to join and be active in the promotion of sustainable sanitation systems. The SuSanA invites international, regional and local organisations to join the network, contribute ideas, and to become active partners in the thematic working groups.

Status quo analysis of SuSanA 2008 to 2012

The status quo analysis is part of the preparation of the process of assisting the network and the secretariat in clarifying the future direction of SuSanA in terms of a roadmap and organisational structures in a participatory process with the SuSanA secretariat, the SuSanA core group and key stakeholders of the network.
How we work

SuSanA is a:
  • coordination platform
  • working platform
  • catalyst - from commitment to action
  • contributor to the policy dialog towards sustainable sanitation
All decisions about SuSanA to date were taken within the SuSanA meetings and documented in the meeting minutes which can be downloaded from the SuSanA website here. A SuSanA core group was formed in mid 2008. It can also take operational decisions outside of the general SuSanA meeting dates.
SuSanA secretariat
The SuSanA secretariat is currently allocated 2 full time person equivalents of time from members of the GIZ sector program Sustainable sanitation: Rahul Ingle, Christian Rieck, Trevor Surridge, Carola Israel and Arne Panesar with the support of an intern. As agreed in the 5th SuSanA meeting in Durban in 2008, GIZ is responsible for carrying out the secretariat function of the SuSanA.
Roles and functions of the SuSanA secretariat

The SuSanA secretariat facilitates and coordinates the organisation, development and outputs of SuSanA. The main functions of the SuSanA secretariat are to manage the SuSanA website and partners, support the preparation of SuSanA meetings and side events, to network with the working groups, working group leads and the core group, to facilitate the production of SuSanA publications, produce the SuSanA DVD (a partial offline version of the website), manage the online library, quality check case studies, support the working group mailing lists and - since July 2011 - to moderate the open SuSanA discussion forum. The secretariat is the first point of contact for any questions about SuSanA.

SuSanA's 4C networking campaign

Cooperation, Collaboration, Coordination and Communication

Who is SuSanA?
SuSanA is you of course! Each and every one of the SuSanA partner organisations does great work in the sanitation field! We need to intensify our cooperation, collaboration, coordination and communication with each other so as to grow this sustainable sanitation community and its impact! The campaign idea...
Structure of SuSanA

The structure of SuSanA consists of SuSanA's partners, working groups, meetings and the secretariat. All  partner organisations contribute their work and resources on their own expense.
SuSanA partner structure

Each SuSanA partner is allocated into one of eight categories. The graphic provides an overview of what types of partner organisations, and in which proportion, make up SuSanA. It is possible to filter partner organisations by category, using the drop-down “Select by Category” box in the right hand column on the SuSanA partners page.
Evolution of SuSanA

The evolution of SuSanA since the kick-off meeting in 2007 in Eschborn (Germany) described in chronological order.
Ways to join SuSanA

We invite individuals and organisations to join the network, contribute ideas and become active members in the thematic working groups. There are different possibilities and procedures for joining:
The SuSanA open discussion forum

Discussing sanitation related questions and sharing answers, opinions and experiences is what the SuSanA open discussion forum is all about.
A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA

The SuSanA secretariat developed the standard set of powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA and to provide both an overview of SuSanA and a common starting point to all presenters preparing presentations on SuSanA. To view the content list, read about tips on using this set of powerpoint slides and to download the set please click here to view it in the SuSanA library.
SuSanA logo set

The SuSanA secretariat has made the logo-set available for download and appropriate use. If you have any questions about how, where and when you can use the SuSanA logo-set or if you require a logo in higher resolution, please contact us we look forward to hearing from you.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If the answer to your question is not in our FAQ section, please post it on the SuSanA forum.
SuSanA Partners
(currently 231 partners)