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New Water Infrastructure concepts for urban planning conference on 6 to 7 November 2012
A conference in cooperation between DWA and BMBF with the title "New water infrastructure concepts for urban planning" will take place at the headquarters of the GIZ in Eschborn from 6 to 7 November, 2012. The conference language will be German.
On the first day of the conference the results of the BMBF funded SANIRESCH project will be presented. The second day will be devoted to sessions regarding "Integration of alternative sustainable sanitation system in urban planning", "Operator concepts" and "Alternative sustainable sanitation systems – contribution to energy transition and climate protection".
In addition to the sessions mentioned above there will be opportunities for discussions and interactions between participants and referents as well as guided tours through the SANIRESCH project.
For further information about the program and registration for the conference can be downloaded here:
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