SuSanA Monthly Webinar 6 - Improving Wikipedia

SuSanA Monthly Webinar 6

"Improving Wikipedia's sanitation content for online or offline use”

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The full video recording of November 24th 2016 can be found here.


This webinar explored the importance and potential of Wikipedia for spreading information and awareness about sanitation topics, be it online or offine, in English or in other languages. It showed you how easy it is to become involved by improving Wikipedia content, which may be as simple as correcting typos or clarifying sentences, or more involved by creating new articles, adding images, adding new references or helping other editors. We demonstrated how editing on Wikipedia is done, so that you can then try it out for yourself.

The webinar also provided information about Kiwix, a free offline reader for Wikipedia content. Kiwix has created an App called "Wikimed App" which not only contains all medical content from Wikipedia but also more than 400 Wikipedia articles dealing with sanitation-related topics.