SuSanA Monthly Webinar 10 - Multi-Sectoral WASH

SuSanA Monthly Webinar 10

"Multi-Sectoral Actions for WASH – the theoretical vs. the practical"


21 March 2017 Time: 14:00 CET (Stockholm time)


Over the past few years there has been a growing understanding of the need to integrate WASH messages into other sectors. WASH is critical in preventing malnutrition due to the effects of environmental enteric dysfunction from an unhygienic environment, is essential for reducing maternal and neonatal mortality rates by preventing sepsis, and is key in early childhood development by allowing children to reach their full potential. WASH really is foundational and therefore requires awareness of the programming of many other sectors. While the need to integrate is clear, best practices have not yet been compiled, and common obstacles face many who strive for more complete integration.

In this webinar, we will begin by exploring definitions of integration. A continuum of integration, from small programme adjustments to move towards integration to the ideal of what a fully integrated programme could look like, will be shared from the BabyWASH Coalition. Practical examples will then be shared for how countries have successfully moved along that continuum from World Vision’s experience in Uganda, and ACF’s experience in compiling a new WASH and Nutrition guidebook. There will be plenty of time left at the end for participants to share their success stories for WASH integration and place their experiences on the integration continuum that has been shared

Schedule: The webinar will last approximately one hour. We will also open the session 15 minutes beforehand so you can test your video or microphone and meet other participants.