Thematic Discussion 4 - Sanitation and hygiene behaviour change programming for scale and sustainability

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Sanitation and hygiene behaviour change programming for scale and sustainability: habit formation, slippage, and the need for long-term programming

Photos: USAid 2014; UNICEF Ethiopia 2015; UNICEF Ethiopia 2015; UNICEF Ethiopia 2014

0. Synthesis

A comprehensive synthesis of the discussion is available here.

1. Introduction

The thematic discussion is a joint project from the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA). A coordinator ensures that content is shared across both communities. The discussion will be split into three sub-themes to further explore how behavior change can be better understood and improved to ensure health and WASH outcomes are sustained. Thematic experts will frame and prompt debates each week on:

Theme 1: Programming for scale – how can public WASH systems be strengthened to support at-scale change? How fast should scale occur? How are governments engaged in monitoring and evaluating behavior change outcomes? What are the social dynamics required for people to truly change their behaviors?

Theme 2: Sustainability for behavior change – how can behavior change become systematized and sustained? What are the behavioral determinants and behavior change techniques we should be aware of?

Theme 3: ODF and slippage – after CLTS interventions, how can ODF status be ensured? What degree of monitoring and evaluation can or should there be? And, at what cost? Learning from a concurrent discussion by IRC on urban CLTS (28/09 to 09/10) will also be brought into the debate.

2. Thematic Timeline

  • 22 - 28 September: Programming for scale (Theme 1)
  • 28 September - 5 October: Sustainability for behaviour change (Theme 2)
  • 5 - 12 October: ODF and slippage (Theme 3)

3. Experts

  • Suvojit Chattopadhyay, Consultant, focused on Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Mr. Poy Dy, Project Coordinator of Santi Sena (SSO), Global Sanitation Fund Sub-grantee
  • CLTS Knowledge Hub, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
  • Clara Rudholm, Senior Programme Officer, Global Sanitation Fund
  • Carolien van der Voorden, Senior Programme Officer – Learning and Documentation, Global Sanitation Fund
  • Matilda Jerneck, Programme Officer, Global Sanitation Fund

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