Thematic Discussion 2 - Urban Sanitation Finance

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Urban Sanitation Finance - From Macro to Micro Level

0.    Synthesis of the Discussion

The synthesis document of the discussion "Urban Sanitation Finance - From Macro to Micro Level" is now available here

1.    Thematic Experts

  • Catarina Fonseca (Senior Programme Officer and Head of the International and Innovative Programme, IRC)
  • Guy Norman (Head of Evaluation, Research and Learning at Water&Sanitation for the Urban Poor, WSUP)
  • Sophie Trémolet (Director of Trémolet Consulting)
  • Goufrane Mansour (Consultant at Trémolet Consulting)
  • Antoinette Kome (Global Sector Coordinator for WASH at Netherlands Development Organisation, SNV)
  • Kumi Abeysuriya (Senior Research Consultant of the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney)

2.    Content

The overall theme of the thematic discussion is Urban Sanitation Finance – From Macro to Micro Level. The idea is to initiate a discussion around the various levels (macro, meso, micro) at which finance for urban sanitation can be raised and to look in detail at their advantages and shortcomings and how they can be combined. Guiding questions by the thematic experts will help to stucture the discussion.
  • Public finance at national level: Public finance at national level for what? What are current levels of Public Finance at national level for urban sanitation? How to lobby and advocate for greater transparency and monitoring of national expenditure for sanitation? (Catarina Fonseca)
  • Public finance at local level: Local taxation is the key, true or false? (Guy Norman)
  • Finance at household / small business level: How can households mobilise funding for investing in improved sanitation? Can microfinance play a role to support households for on-site sanitation, particularly in the urban sector? What are the specific financing needs for small and medium-sized sanitation businesses? (Goufrane Mansour/Sophie Trémolet)
  • City level sustainable cost recovery: how to bring together different financing mechanisms at city level  (Antoinette Kome/Kumi Abeysuriya)
    1. How could local governments mobilise upfront lumpy finance?
    2. How could local governments ensure sustained finance for services?

3.    Timeframe

Tentative timetable for a thematic discussion around urban sanitation finance:
Theme I: June 23 - July 2: Public Finance
with Catarina Fonseca & Guy Norman
Theme II: June 30 - July 10: Micro Finance
with Sophie Trémolet & Goufrane Mansour
Theme III: July 9 - July 16: City Level Sustainable Cost Recovery
with Antoinette Kome & Kumi Abeysuriya                      

4. Background Readings

Theme I: Public Finance:

Theme II: Micro Finance:

Please read also:


Theme III: City Level Sustainable Cost Recovery: