pS-Eau (Programme Solidarité Eau)

The pS-Eau is a French non-profit organisation working to support and enhance actions for universal access to water and sanitation in developing countries since 1984. It supports an international and multi-actors network to facilitate local initiatives for international cooperation in the WaSH sector. It also facilitates local networks of actors in focus countries such as Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Niger, Lebanon, Benin.

The pS-Eau was first created as a network during the International Water and Sanitation Decade in 1984. First hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then by the NGO GRET, with financial support from the nongovernmental cooperation mission of the French government, it became an autonomous organisation in 2003.

As neutral platform for coordination and alignment between WaSH stakeholders and for capacity-building, pS-Eau doesn’t finance nor implement projects in the field. Its specific objectives are of three types: support and capacity building of actors involved in the development of water and sanitation systems; research and development; access to information and awareness-raising of international cooperation.


pS-Eau Research and Development Activities

As a network of people and organisations working for the development of WaSH services in developing countries, the pS-Eau capitalises field experiences and research outcomes to support the sector research and improve practices in the field.

Its 3 background topics are sanitation (including […]

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  Christophe Le Jallé & Colette Génevaux

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