BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association)

BORDA is a German non-profit organization based in Bremen with a network of partner organizations in 15 countries worldwide. Since 1977 BORDA is active in the fields of poverty alleviation, sustainable protection of natural resources and the strengthening of social structures. Currently BORDA is focusing on decentralized sanitation solutions for the poor in per-urban and urban areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America. To increase access to improved sanitation BORDA provides demand oriented service packages including decentralized wastewater management solutions (DEWATS) and decentralized solid waste management (DESWAM). Activities cover not only technical knowledge transfer but also capacity building, sector development and research.
BORDA is mainly supported by the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development (BMZ) and the Hanseatic City of Bremen.


Nexus projects - linking sanitation to agriculture
Food production and settlement hygiene in poor peri-urban regions in India

Duration: 2015 - 2017

Nexus Project – Food Production and Settlement Hygiene in Poor Peri-Urban Regions in India - creates the missing link between safe sanitation and food production, to enable the safe reuse of products from various sanitation systems. The project is jointly implemented by CDD Society Bangalore and […]

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