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Swasti is a health resource centre established in 2002 with a focus on achieving public health outcomes for those who are socially excluded and poor. We are a niche service provider in the public health sector, delivering end-to-end solutions as well as short and long term support and facilitation, combining research and practice. Known to implement focused initiatives for marginalized communities, we balance passion and professionalism with cross-sectoral experience.
We believe that health and well-being can be best addressed when all three aspects - behaviours, systems and social determinants are addressed together. We recognise that the challenges to well-being are not only limited to health, and hence need to address the key enablers, in an integrated way. The need is to focus on outcomes and scale with high quality. Swasti believes that this vision requires a multitude of approaches and financing streams, ranging from grant based support to market based models.


  Dr. Angela Chaudhuri


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