India Sanitation Coalition ISC

The India Sanitation Coalition has been established to bring organisations and individuals together on a common platform to find sustainable solutions for sanitation through dissemination of best practices, partnerships and collaboration and advocacy.

The Coalition Mandate
Success is attainable with a solid foundation. For this, the India Sanitation Coalition will operate with the following mandate:

To enable and to support an ecosystem for sustainable sanitation

To be an aggregator of knowledge and networks with nationwide outreach, focusing on models for achieving sustainable sanitation in alignment with the Swachh Bharat Mission and its goals

To bring organisations and individuals together to find sustainable solutions for sanitation through a platform for corporates, civil society groups, government, financial institutions, media, donors/ bilaterals/ multilaterals, experts etc.

The India Sanitation Coalition aims at bringing together all actors in the sanitation space to drive sustainable sanitation through a partnership mode. While FICCI serves the role of the secretariat of the coalition, the work of the coalition will be carried out by 4 taskforces composed of coalition members.

Taskforce 1 -Advocacy, Branding and Communication
Taskforce 2 - Identification and Dissemination of Best Practices
Taskforce 3 - Engagement with Central and State Governments
Taskforce 4 - Partnerships, Collaboration and, Growing the Members of the Coalition


  Amri Shahpuri

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