February 2017 | India
23rd SuSanA meeting, Chennai



The 23rd SuSanA meeting took place in Chennai, India on 18 February 2017 prior to the 4th Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM4). It was organised by the India Sanitation Coalition, Ecosan Services Foundation, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras) and the SuSanA Secretariat. It will wascomplemented by a SuSanA WG7 meeting (WASH in Schools) and an open exchange Forum on 17 February 2017. WG4 (technologies) and WG1(capacity development) met around FSM4 conference as well.

The 23rd SuSanA meeting took place on 18 February. More than 150 sanitation professionals, experts and enthusiasts from India and abroad joined the meeting to discuss India's pathway to sustainable sanitation, challenges and opportunities for knowledge sharing in the (Indian) sanitation sector and planning approaches and implementation of urban sanitation in India. The plenary meeting aimed to link the Indian initiatives and activities in order to accelerate sanitation provision within the global discourse.

On 17 February, SuSanA partners and members met for a SuSanA WG 7 meeting on WASH in schools. During the open exchange forum, SuSanA partners active in India had the opportunity to present their sanitation related activities and to network with other sanitation professionals and experts.


India Sanitation Coalition (ISC), Ecosan Services Foundation, the SuSanA secretariat held by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Indian Institute for Technology (IIT Madras)

Goals of the 23rd SuSanA meeting

  • Encourage regional exchange and foster networking and cooperation
  • Link the Indian activities to accelerate sanitation provision within the global discourse on sustainable sanitation
  • Present SuSanA’s approach on knowledge management in the SuSanA Indian chapter and identify gaps, demands and synergies with other initiatives
  • Sharing SuSanA’s contribution to the 2030 agenda and celebration of SuSanA’s 10th anniversary
  • Warming-up for the FSM4 conference


Open Exchange Forum Presentations

Crosweller, D. (Sanitation First): Inner City Sanitation Chennai
Chandragiri, R. (eawag)/ Renganathan, J. ( IIT Madras): Small-scale Sanitation Scaling- Up (4S) Research Objectives and Experiences
Bineesha, P. (IIWM): Sanitation evaluation of SBM in Karnataka (no presentation available)
Nisha, F., Patil, D. (Reaching Hand): Reaching Hand - Girl´s Glory
Vinayakh Shankarnarayanan, A. (EcoPro): Introducing Boodheri EcoSan Program
Al-Muyeed, A. (WaterAid): The chronicle of FSM
Shekhar, S. (CAG): Practical Planning strategies for public sanitation
This leaflet provides provides further information about some of the above mentioned and further projects which could not be presented at the Open Exchange Forum itself.

18 February 2017 (23rd SuSanA meeting, full day):

Session 1: Welcome and SuSanA´s contribution to the 2030 Agenda
Welcome by Dayanand Panse (EcoSan)
Welcome by Prof. Ligy (IIT Madras)
Welcome by Doulaye Kone (BMGF/FSM4 Chair)
Arne Panesar (GIZ/SuSanA) and Vandana Nath (ISC): 10 years SuSanA
Felicitation of Shilpa Narayanan
Rohit Kakkar (CPHEEO/MoUD): Sustainable sanitation for urban India (no presentation available)

Session 2: The political drive towards sustainable sanitation
Shipra Saxena (ISC): Setting the Context: Ending open defecation in India
Santha Sheela Nair (former Gov. of Tamil Nadu): Note on sanitation in India and Tamil Nadu (no presentation available)
Dirk Walther (GIZ India): City wide sanitation (no presentation available)
Sanchita Gosh (WSSCC): How to accelerate capacity building and learning form outcomes?
Vishwanath Srikantaiah (Biome Trust): The sustainability challenge - how to ensure a sustainable implementation? (no presentation available)

Session 3: Planning and implementation of (urban) sanitation in India
Welcome back by Dinesh Metha (CEPT University)
Suresh Rohilla (CSE): SFDs and septage management in Indian cities
Sushmita Sinha (CDD Society): Decentralised urban sanitation infrastructure
Ishita Chattopadhyay (Sanitation Impact Solutions): mSanitation - an IT based toilet management system (no presentation available)
NC Naryanan (IIT Bombay): Participatory sustainable sanitation planning
Mr. Malaimann (Local Representative Tamil Nadu): Planning and implementation of urban sanitation in Tamil Nadu (no presentation available)
Trevor Surridge (GIZ Zambia): Planning of climate-friendly sanitation services in the peri-urban areas of Lusaka

Session 4: Knowledge Sharing in the Indian sanitation sector
Sterenn Philipp (CAWST)/ Depinder Kapur (NIUA): The sanitation capacity building platform
Abhay Rao/ Evans Rebello (dasra): The digital dashboard: A learning and networking tool
Urza Sultana (Arghyam): The India Water Portal (no presentation available)
Roshan Shrestha (BMGF): Political will, funding or capacity gap for scaling innovative urban sanitation
Doreen Mbalo (SuSanA Secretariat), Esther Shaylor (Oxfam), Alison Parker (Cranfield University): Activities under the Gates Foundation Grant to SEI
Working Group Updates
Vandana Nath (ISC): The SuSanA India Chapter


The  final agenda can be found here.

Pictures from the 23rd SuSanA Meeting

Pictures from the SuSanA Meeting on 18th February are available in our flickr album here.

WG Meetings

The following Working Group meetings were held prior to or after the SuSanA meeting. Output will be shared in the respective Working Group Forum Threads.

WG1 meeting: Capacity Building (link to forum discussion)

WG4 meeting: Sanitation Systems, Hygiene, Health (link to forum discussion)

WG7 meeting: Following are the presentations


FSM4 conference

The 23rd SuSanA meeting was held prior to the 4th Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM4) which took place from February 19th to 22nd in Chennai. Building on the success of the first three International FSM Conferences in Hanoi (2015) and in Durban (2011& 2012), FSM4 aims to bring together professionals working in the sector to support the global initiative of disseminating sustainable solutions for FSM. FSM4 will focus on innovative and practical solutions that can be scaled up, including three tracks: research, case studies, and industry & exhibition.

The Flyer contains all SuSanA Partner events which happened during the FSM4 in Chennai.