August 2015 | Sweden
20th SuSanA meeting, Stockholm

The 20th meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden on 22 August 2015 and on 27 August an open working group exchange took place. The meeting was hosted by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) together with the SuSanA secretariat.


Final Agenda of the 20th SuSanA meeting

Summary Report

Overview and Highlights of the 20th SuSanA meeting

Presentations and videos of plenary sessions

Session 1: Introduction and overview about recent developments 
  • Madeleine Fogde & Arno Rosemarin (SEI): Welcome Message
  • Trevor Surridge & Annkathrin Tempel (SuSanA Secretariat): Overview of SuSanA (PDF)


Session 2: Post 2015 Sanitation Landscape (Chairs: Elisabeth Kvarnström & Arne Panesar)
  • Elisabeth Kvarnström (Urban Water Management, Inc.): The Functional Sanitation Ladder – The Next Steps (PDF)
  • Graham Alabaster (UN Habitat), Kitchinme Bawa (AMCOW), Stef Smits (IRC), Hanna Woodburn (PPPHW), Guy Hutton (World Bank), Corrine Schuster-Wallace (UNU-INWEH): Panel discussion (PDF)
Session 3: Sanitation and Nutrition (Chair: Thilo Panzerbieter, GTO)
  • Jean Lapegue (ACF): WASH in Nutrition (PDF)
  • Lizette Burgers (UNICEF): World Toilet Day (WTD) 2015 Key messages (PDF)
  • Bella Monse (GIZ), Lizette Burgers (UNICEF) and Jean Lapegue (ACF): How to make the link between sanitation and nutrition in practice (Discussion)


Session 4: Cities and Planning (Chair: Prit Salian, I-San)
  • Katharine Robb (Emory University): The SaniPath Rapid Assessment Tool:Assessing Public Health Risks from Unsafe Fecal Sludge Management in Poor Urban Neighborhoods (PDF)
  • Arne Panesar (GIZ): The SFD Promotion Initiative (PDF)
  • Thomas Kluge (ISOE): Closing the Urban Sanitation Loop in Practice. An Example from Namibia (PDF)
  • Kate Medlicott (WHO): Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP) (PDF)
Session 5: Addressing Long-Term Sustainability & Market Development (Chair: Trevor Surridge, GIZ)
  • Genevieve Kelly (PSI): Activating the financing supply chain for rural sanitation in Bihar, India (PDF)
  • Susan Davis (Improve International): Failing forward & future proofing toilets (PDF)
  • Antoinette Kome (SNV): SuSanA Thematic Discussion Series: Urban Sanitation Finance (PDF)
  • Thilo Panzerbieter (GTO): Understanding Post Implementation Monitoring (PIM) in NGO‘s WASH Programming (PDF)

Session 6: Capacity Development and Knowledge Sharing in the Sanitation Sector (Chair: Shauna Curry, CAWST)
  • Dorothee Spuhler (seecon): Smart Start-Up Programme: Supporting Sanitation Entrepreneurs Worldwide (PDF)
  • Trevor Surridge (GIZ) & Shauna Curry (CAWST): Capacity Development & Knowledge Management (PDF)
Session 7: Wrap-up of the day
  • Arne Panesar (GIZ) & Madeleine Fogde (SEI): Wrap-up and Outlook


Working Group Meetings

During the World Water Week several Working Group Meetings took place. Please find the presentations here:

WG 5 (Food security and productive sanitation systems) - 21 August
  • Agenda
  • Linus Dagerskog (SEI): Some WG 5 Outputs (PDF)
  • Linus Dagerskog (SEI): Reconciling Sanitation and Resource Management: The “Clean and Green Village” concept (PDF)
  • Kim Andersson (SEI): Mapping value of sanitation waste (PDF)
  • Jenna Senecal (SLU): Productive On-site Sanitation System: Value Chain for Urine Based Fertilizer (PDF)

WG 7 (Sanitation in Schools) - 24 August

WG 12 (WASH and Nutrition) - 25 August

  • Agenda
  • Ron Clemmer (FHI360): WASH and Nutrition Integration and Small Doble Actions (PDF)
  • Jean Lapegue (ACF): WASH in Nutrition (PDF)
  • Jean Lapegue (ACF): Strategies and Operational Solutions to fight Undernutrition with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (PDF)
  • Johannes Rück (GTO): Bonn WASH-Nutrition Forum (11-12 November 2015) (PDF)
  • Jovana Dodos (ACF): Research on the benefits of a household WASH package to Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program in Chad (PDF)

WG 8 (Emergency and reconstruction situations) - 25 August

  • Agenda
  • Arno Coerver (Malteser International): Introduction of Working Group 8 (PDF)
  • Simone Klawitter (UNICEF): New developments and trends (PDF)
  • Ryan Schweitzer (Aguaconsult): Considering Sustainability in an Emergency Setting (PDF)
  • Ryan Schweitzer (Aguaconsult): Analyzing the cost of WASH provision in UNHCR refugee camps (PDF)

WG 7 (Gender) - 26 August

  • Agenda
  • Claudia Wendland & Anke Stock (WECF): Gender sensitive indicators in sanitation and wastewater planning and implementation (PDF)
  • Shaila Shahid (GWA): Gender Mainstream in Wastewater Management (PDF)
  • Tynar Musabaev (CAAW): 15 years of experience in water, gender and sustainable sanitation in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (PDF)
  • Maren Heuvels (BORDA): Participatory Planning of Community Based Sanitation – Making Space for Women's Voices (PDF)

WG 6 (Cities) - 26 August

  • Agenda
  • Antoinette Kome (SNV)
    • City Sanitation Planning: people, process, end-product (PDF)
    • What type of planner are you? (PDF)
    • Different approaches to urban sanitation planning (PDF)
  • John Sauer (PSI): Sanitation Service Delivery - Catalyzing markets for urban sanitation in West Africa (PDF)
  • Thomas Kluge (ISOE): Closing the urban sanitation loop (PDF)

WG 1 (Capacity Development) - 27 August

  • Agenda
  • Dorothee Spuhler (seecon): Overview Presentation on SuSanA Working Group 1 (PDF)
  • Alex Miller (BORDA): Capacity Development in conflict areas: Experiences from Afghanistan (PDF)
  • Peter Blair (Results for Development): Sourcing local innovations for global development (PDF)
  • Cecilia Rodrigues (GIZ consultant): Capacity development element- SFDs (Excreta/Shit Flow Diagrams) (PDF)
  • Philippe Reymond (Eawag/Sandec): MOOC - WASH in Developing Countries (PDF)
  • Themba Gumbo (Cap-Net): Cap-Net´s Virtual Campus Bringing Water Knowledge for All (PDF)
  • Dorothee Spuhler (seecon gmbh): SSWM - An integrative tool for capacity development at the local level (PDF)
  • Annkathrin Tempel (GIZ): The SuSanA Forum: latest developments and future possible improvements (PDF)
  •  Richard J. Kimwaga (University of Dar es Salaam) & Sara Gabrielsson (Lund University): Sustainable Sanitation in Theory and Action (PDF)

Working Group Exchange Meeting

An open working group exchange took place on 27 August. During the working group exchange all working group leads and members shared the discussions and results of their working group meetings.

  • Trevor Surridge (GIZ): Working Group Tools (PDF)
  • Minutes of the Meeting (PDF)

World Water Week & SuSanA

In the context of the World Water Week Stockholm (August 22 - 27), SuSanA was engaged in the following events. Please follow the links for resources and conclusions of the session:

August 23 Kick-Start Development through Holistic Scaling-up of School Sanitation  
August 25 Understanding Humanitarian and Development WASH Approaches to Improve Service Delivery  
  WASH in Nutrition: strategic and operational solutions to fight under-nutrition  
August 26 Sustainable City Sanitation - from planning to implementation  
August 27 Gender sensitive indicators in sanitation and wastewater planning and implementation  
  Pieces of the Puzzle: Achieving Sustainable Rural Sanitation at Scale