11.11.2015 - 12.11.2015

WASH Nutrition Forum 2015
Bonn, Germany

The Bonn WASH & Nutrition forum took place in the headquarters of Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Bonn on November 11th and 12th. It was well attended and livestreamed to allow online participation from all around the world.

Political Dialogue & Thematic Discussion Forum – Bonn (November 11-12, 2015)

Watch the Live Stream of the Bonn WASH Nutrition Forum on 11th & 12 November 2015 right here!

See the agenda in the window below, for the upcoming timing of the live stream sessions.

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High-level experts from the sanitation and nutrition sector gathered together in the headquarter of Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Bonn for the WASH and Nutrition Forum on November 11th and 12th to discuss strategies for integrating WASH and nutrition programming in development and humanitarian contexts.

The main aim of the forum was to bring together the relevant experts from both sectors. During so-called “mirror sessions”, relevant sector professionals in similar positions from both the WASH and Nutrition sector presented their work / perspective. Hearing about the other respective sector, allows for reflection of one’s own work (hence “mirror”) and inspires further discussion with other experts and participants on complementarity and collaboration between the sectors and the identification of joint indicators. Recommendations, next steps, approaches, research, policy and advocacy issues were some of the outcomes of those sessions.

Beyond the mirror session renowned speakers inspired outcome-oriented discussion, hereby helping the participants to a) assess the latest scientific evidence, b) define strategies and operational solutions and c) develop strategies to integrate the nexus into development and humanitarian policies.

Supported by the United Nations Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB) via its Chair, Dr. Uschi Eid, the conference was a key contribution to the UN World Toilet Day 2015, which bears the motto “Sanitation and Nutrition”.


Draft Agenda of the WASH & Nutrition Forum 2015

Impressions of the forum by the SuSanA secretariat



Watch the WASH Nutrition Forum 2015 summary videos and presentations

Presentations Day 1
  • Thilo Panzerbieter, GTO. Opening of the WASH & Nutrition Forum (PDF)
  • Oliver Cumming, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. WASH and nutrition (PDF)
  • Lawrence Haddad, IFPRI. Global Nutrition Report (PDF)
  • Bruce Gordon, WHO. Global Monitoring in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (PDF)
  • Josephine Ippe, Global Nutrition Cluster. Perspective on WASH/Nutrition Linkages (PDF)
  • Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA. Introduction to Sanitation and Water for All Partnership (PDF)
  • Florence Lasbennes, SUN Movement. Presentation of the SUN Movement (PDF)
  • Opening (Ursula Eid)


  • Opening (Thilo Panzerbieter)


  • Welcome (Stefan Schmitz)


  • Welcome (Christoph Strässer)


  • Introduction (Oliver Cumming)


  • Mirror Session 1: Global Monitoring (Gordon Bruce)


  • Mirror Session 1: Global Monitoring (Lawrence Haddad)


  • Global Humanitarian Clusters


  • Mirror Session 3: Global Partnerships (Catarina de Albuquerque)


  • Mirror Session 3: Global Partnerships (Florence Lasbennes)


  • Reporting Back WS


  • Panel Discussion


Presentations Day 2
  • Peter Mahal, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. Current Efforts of the Ministry of Health (PDF)
  • Joséphine Ouédraogo, Ministry of Agriculture, water Resources, Sanitation and Food Security, Burkina Faso. Stratégie WASH in Nutrition (PDF)
  • Dr. Oliver Hoffmann,The Johanniter. Sphere Principles and Standards - WASH and Nutrition in Humanitarian Aid (PDF)
  • Eryn Flynn, WaterAid. WASH and Nutrition integration: what can it mean in practice (PDF)
  • Dr. Marie T. Benner, Malteser International. Improved FNS for Women and Children in extremly vulnerable Communities in North Western Cambodia (PDF)
  • Dr. Arne Panesar, GIZ. Overview of Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) (PDF)
  • Jeremy Shoham, ENN. About the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) (PDF)
  • End Water Poverty (EWP) and Generation Nutrition. Global civil society coalitions (PDF)
  • Opening and Recap (Thilo PanzerbieterUrsula Eid)


  • Mirror Session 4: Country Case South Sudan & Burkina Faso (Peter Mahal)


  • Mirror Session 4: Country Case South Sudan & Burkina Faso (Josephine Ouedraogo/Baro)


  • Mirror Session 5: Human Rights Rapporteurs (Hannah Neumeyer)


  • Sphere Standards - WASH and Nutrition in Humanitarian Aid (Oliver Hoffmann)


  • The SuSanA Network (Arne Panesar)


  • The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) (Jeremy Shoham)


  • WASH and Nutrition Integration: What can it Mean in Practice? (Erin Flynn)


  • Impact of FNS and WASH Interventions in South East Asia (Marie T. Benner)


  • Mirror Sessions 6: Global Civil Society Coalitions (Megan Macgarry)


  • Mirror Sessions 6: Global Civil Society Coalitions (Ben Hobbs)


  • Mirror Sessions 6: Global Civil Society Coalitions (Abigale Mupambi)


  • Mirror Session 7: Donors discussion


  • Reporting Back from the Workshop Session


  • Final Panel discussion




SuSanA Working Group 12 (WASH & Nutrition Meeting)

The SuSanA Working Group 12 (WASH & Nutrition) meeting & informal get togheter was held in the run-up to the WASH Nutrition Forum (10th November), at the headquarter of Welthungerhilfe in Bonn  (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 1, 53173 Bonn). Find the agenda and the minutes here:

Draft Agenda



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