Working Groups

SuSanA members can participate in 13 thematic working groups (abbreviated as "WG" on this website). See below for the aims of each WG. These WGs cover a range of sanitation aspects. They provide outputs that underline the problems and opportunities of these aspects. The WG members exchange information and ideas. They collaborate to provide outputs and action plans.

Click on the schematic on the right to see how Working Groups relate to the sanitation chain and to each other.

The energy of the working group members ensures vibrance in the discussion forum and at meetings. For more information, please visit the working group pages below.

I am new to a working group, what can I do?

New members of working groups should contact the respective working group lead to introduce themselves and to get active in the working group. On each working group´s main page, you can find the working group leads of each group, their photos and a short video to highlight some of the relevant issues. You can also start taking part in the discussions of the working group in the discussion forum.

How do I contact the working groups?

On each working group´s main page, you can find the group´s lead and co-lead with e-mail addresses and their photo.

This working group aims to create a global network to accelerate and strategically influence capacity development to scale up sustainable sanitation


Working Group 2 aims to promote understanding and uptake of approaches for market assessment, market based programming and financing mechanisms for sustainable sanitation service delivery.


This working group aims to raise general awareness for the energy potential of the sustainable sanitation approach and its prospective contribution to reduce dependence on imported or fossil energy sources.


This working groups aims at delivering adequate information on all sustainability criteria of different sanitation systems and technologies. This includes possible sanitation technology configurations, and will facilitate decision making, implementation and operation.


This working group aims to raise awareness for the reuse-oriented sustainable sanitation approach, its prospective contribution to global food security and to promote this approach on a large scale.


The overall aim of this working group is to develop strategies on how cities can adopt an appropriate planning, implementation, and management process that leads towards more sustainable sanitation solutions.


Raising general awareness for community and rural sanitation by creating discussion fora and enhancing networking opportunities.


The objective of this working group is to combine the knowledge from experts in the fields of sanitation with the knowledge from experts in the field of emergency response and reconstruction.


The objective of Working Group 9 is to put sanitation centre-stage for media, the public, and government decision makers and to position its products and services as attractive lifestyle choices.


The main task of this working group is to discuss and disseminate relevant information related to best practice examples of operation and maintenance systems for sustainable sanitation by elaborating fact sheets, case studies, posters and other information materials.


The main aim of this working group is to create awareness and formulate recommendations for the protection of groundwater through sustainable sanitation.


Raise awareness for the links and opportunities for integration between WASH and Nutrition (including health and other relevant sectors) by providing space for practitioners to discuss experiences, best practices, research, challenges and gaps.


Promoting collaboration and synergies amongst those working in Behaviour Change.


About SuSanA network

SuSanA’s vision is - All people have access to adequate, sustainable sanitation, regardless of gender, age, income, culture or location. Sanitation systems are important contributors to broader sustainable development. To be sustainable and provide maximum positive impact, sanitation systems must be economically viable, socially acceptable, technically and institutionally appropriate, as well as protect health, the environment and natural resources.

SuSanA, as a global knowledge management platform, engages, equips and recognizes mid-level sanitation practitioners and managers, to influence policy makers to enhance knowledge exchange, advocacy dialogue and support hands-on implementers to leverage their skills towards bringing sustainable sanitation services to all.

SuSanA with its think tank function provides a platform where current, emerging and controversial themes on sustainable sanitation are discussed and nurtured to build consensus within the broader global sustainability discourse (SDG’s).

The SuSanA secretariat is located in Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Germany and is financed by the German Ministry (BMZ). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) currently funds SuSanA through Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) for various activities.  Additionally, several partners contribute on a voluntary basis to organise SuSanA meetings, develop publications and other sanitation events.

No, SuSanA cannot provide funding for projects or sponsorships. Some of SuSanA´s partners are funding agencies. Visit their websites or use our discussion forum to look for funding opportunities. Calls for proposals, tenders, applications and expressions of interest (projects and awards) are regularly listed here.

Also, some SuSanA partners may offer travel sponsorships for individuals to be able to participate in SuSanA meetings. This kind of support is usually announced on our discussion forum.

No, SuSanA by itself does not offer consultancy services. Some SuSanA partners and members do offer these services, and could be approached directly.

SuSanA is not an employer. However, job vacancies with SuSanA partners are often posted on the discussion forum here.

SuSanA Web platform

The website has a comprehensive knowledge hub consisting of a sanitation library, global project database, conference materials, sanitation events and audiovisual products. The website not only hosts one of the biggest discussion forums on various sanitation related topics but also 13 SuSanA working groups and their activities. Several Thematic Discussion Series are conducted on the forum from time to time.

The forum is also a professional platform and a meeting point for all SuSanA members with diverse backgrounds.  

If you are an individual SuSanA member, you can send details of any publication, video and conference materials you think should be included in the library, including your own publications, to

To be included in the SuSanA library, publications must be relevant to sanitation context, published in pdf file format not exceeding 8 mb, have appropriate filters set, a preview image, authors’ names and year of publishing.

SuSanA partner organisations can enter new projects and publications directly via their user account. The projects and publications will be listed under their partner profile and in the SuSanA Library. Organisations who are not partners should contact

All sanitation related events can be added to our event page in the website. SuSanA members and partners will be able to add events to the new Sanitation Calendar by sending details to or directly through SuSanA and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) are jointly developing the Sanitation Calendar.

Please write to to report broken links, incorrect information and other problems on the website. General feedback on the tools that SuSanA platform offers is also welcome.

We believe it is important to provide the public with accurate, up-to-date information about water, sanitation and hygiene topics. Wikipedia is one of the most frequently consulted sources of open-access information, and like SuSanA relies on the work of countless volunteers who believe in collaborating for a common good.

The sanitation-related content on Wikipedia is getting better and better all the time thanks to SuSanA members and other volunteers behind the Sanitation Wikipedia project. If you would like to contribute your time to this project, please contact us at or here on our discussion forum.

SuSanA uses  Facebook and Twitter to share updates about the network. Videos from members and partners are shared on our YouTube channel and photos are uploaded in Flickr under  CC-BY SA 4.0 license.

The SuSanA website does not host paid advertisements. However, SuSanA members are free to share information about research, publications, job vacancies or experiences related to sanitation on the discussion forum.

Registration, members and partners

SuSanA members are individuals who have registered in the SuSanA website. They can post on the Discussion Forum, participate in Working Group activities, receive digests, news and information from SuSanA, and participate in SuSanA meetings.

SuSanA partners are organisations person can join as a SuSanA member. At organisation level, SuSanA accepts partners. However, partner applications have to be sent by a registered, individual member of the organisation.

Registration information can be accessed only by SuSanA website administrators. Users’ email addresses are automatically added to working group mailing lists and news mail list according to users’ preferences. The user information is also used to contact members regarding their forum posts or any information they have shared on the website, monitor SuSanA’s usage and analyse progress as an Alliance. Under no circumstances will user information be shared with third parties.

SuSanA Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters are set up by SuSanA partner organisations, with the help of the SuSanA Secretariat, usually where there is strong support and funding. Each Regional Chapter functions with a chapter coordinator, clear targets for the chapter within a given timeframe.

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Resources and publications

Our library has more than 2300 publications, factsheets, presentations, drawings etc. from many different organisations. It continues to grow thanks to the contributions from our partners.

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The three links below take you to special groups of items in the library for more convenient access:


The project database contains nearly 400 sanitation projects of many different organizations dealing with research, implementation, advocacy, capacity development etc. Advanced filtering functions and a global map are also available. Information on how and why this database was created is here.

People working for SuSanA partners can add their own projects through their partner profile page. You might need your SuSanA login upgraded for this purpose. Please contact us if you would like to add a project.

Trainings, conference and events materials

Missed important conferences or courses? Catch up by using their materials for self study. These materials have been kindly provided by SuSanA partners.

Regional chapters

Use the map or the search tool to access the most relevant information and knowledge products for your region or country. This includes relevant resources, events, partners or projects.

Shit flow diagrams (SFDs), excreta flow diagrams

Shit flow diagrams (SFDs) help to visualize excreta management in urban settings. Access SFDs and more through the SFD Portal.




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Share knowledge, exchange experiences, discuss challenges, make announcements, ask questions and more. Hint: Your discussion forum login is the same as your SuSanA login. More about the forum's philosophy »

Integrated content

We are hosting content from some other communities of practice and information-sharing portals. This section also provides a link to SuSanA's Sanitation Wikipedia initiative.

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