CSE Workshop on Mainstreaming Citywide Sanitation: Opportunities and Challenges for Excreta Management

Published in: 2016

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India

Various authors

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organised a two day workshop on “Mainstreaming Citywide Sanitation: Opportunities and Challenges for Excreta Management” from April 4-5, 2016 in New Delhi. The objective of the workshop was to promote active exchange of experiences of national and international opportunities and challenges in excreta management. The workshop was attended by over 150 key sector policy makers, national/state functionaries, professionals, NGOs, international donor agencies and researchers who are involved in promoting sustainable and affordable sanitation.

Bibliographic information

Various authors (2016). CSE Workshop on Mainstreaming Citywide Sanitation: Opportunities and Challenges for Excreta Management. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India


Opportunities and challenges for excreta management - Programme brochure, abstracts and speaker profiles (pdf) • Size: 6.13 MB

1.1 Welcome address & objectives of workshop (pdf) • Size: 1.23 MB

1.1 Key theme presentation on Excreta Management (pdf) • Size: 3.92 MB

1.1 Resource recovery from faecal sludge pilot and labascale studies and bioprocess modelling (pdf) • Size: 4.74 MB

1.1 Laboratory analysis of faecal sludge streams_standardised methods, procedures and support (pdf) • Size: 0.12 MB

1.1 Faecal sludge characterization program for Indonesia (pdf) • Size: 2.21 MB

1.1 Panel Discussion: Mainstreaming faecal sludge/waste contamination, monitoring protocols and resource recovery (pdf) • Size: 3.4 MB

1.2 FS containment in Indian cities (pdf) • Size: 1.81 MB

1.2 Status of FS containment & transportation situation of small town in Karnataka (pdf) • Size: 1.55 MB

1.2 Onsite treatment system Johkasou (pdf) • Size: 1.69 MB

1.2 Dry hygiene toilet (pdf) • Size: 4.4 MB

1.2 Decentralised wastewater treatment (pdf) • Size: 3.23 MB

1.2 Septic tank disposal system and treatment with a focus on bio digester (pdf) • Size: 3.37 MB

1.2 Vermi filtration for faecal waste treatment (pdf) • Size: 8.47 MB

1.2 Reuse of faecal waste for agriculture (pdf) • Size: 5.87 MB

2.1 Case studies in faecal sludge management for sanitation improvement (pdf) • Size: 7.89 MB

2.1 Faecal sludge management - Case studies illustrating scientific support to eThekwini Municipality, Durban, South Africa (pdf) • Size: 0.34 MB

2.1 Technological options of FS treatment in urban areas: Case study in Beijing (pdf) • Size: 4.53 MB

2.1 Bangladesh experiences: Policy and practices around faecal sludge management (pdf) • Size: 22.25 MB

2.1 Faecal sludge to fuel plan: Outcomes from Rwanda (pdf) • Size: 0.87 MB

2.1 Decentralised wastewater treatement and water reuse (pdf) • Size: 3.23 MB

2.2 SFD Promotion Initiative (pdf) • Size: 1.05 MB

2.2 Business models of FSM technologies (pdf) • Size: 5.95 MB

2.2 Approach and tools for mainstreaming citywide FSM service (pdf) • Size: 2.37 MB

2.3 SANIPLAN - Integrated FSM tools for citywide assessment and planning (pdf) • Size: 2.97 MB

2.3 Blue Water - Putting water quality data in India to productive use by integrating historical and real-time sensing data (pdf) • Size: 3.45 MB

2.3 Sanitation safety planning for safe use of wastewater , excreta and grey water (pdf) • Size: 2.47 MB

2.3 Experience in preparing city owned City Sanitation Plan (pdf) • Size: 1 MB

2.3 Think systems, think option – tools for holistic and long term sanitation planning (pdf) • Size: 1.18 MB