Manual for SFD Production (Draft)

Published in: 2015

SFD Promotion Initiative

An excreta flow diagram (also often described as shit flow diagram, SFD) presents a clear picture of the outcome arising from wastewater and faecal sludge management practices and services in a city or town. This is expressed in terms of the percentage of the population. An accompanying report describes the service delivery context of the city or town.

An SFD for any city or town contains three parts:
- a diagram which shows the pathways taken by all excreta from defecation to final fate - either unsafely discharge to the environment, or safe end-use/disposal;
- a concise narrative report describing the diagram and the service delivery context - including the enabling environment within which the services are being delivered; and
- a complete record of all the data sources used in developing the diagram and report - the stakeholders consulted, documents reviewed and all validation and quality control exercises implemented.

The main objective of the SFD Promotion Initiative is to continue further development of the SFD approach. This approach includes standardized guidance – a methodology and tools - for the easy production of standardized SFDs, backed by a description of information sources and the enabling environment in the city concerned.

The Manual for SFD Production is intended to enable the development of future SFDs and service delivery context information.

Content - Summary

The Manual for SFD Production (Draft) includes:

Part A: Methodology for data collection
Part B: Stakeholder Engagement Document
Part C: Guidance note for calculation tool
Part D: Glossary of variables and terms
Part E: Methodology for Evaluating Quality and Credibility of SFDs

Complementary tools available are:
- Template for the SFD-Report .docx (Draft)
- Stakeholder Tracking Tool .xslm (Draft)
- Template for Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QAQC) (Draft)

These documents are working drafts, produced under the SFD Promotion Initiative and are currently being field tested in more than 40 cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The results are being disseminated widely via the SFD portal hosted by the SuSanA web-platform.

Last update date: 25.07.2016

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SFD Promotion Initiative (2015). Manual for SFD Production (Draft).

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