A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA

SuSanA (2014)

Published in: 2014

SuSanA Secretariat, located at GIZ, Eschborn, Germany


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SuSanA secretariat


Content - Summary

This standard set of powerpoint slides about SuSanA has been developed by the SuSanA secretariat to provide a more detailed overview of SuSanA. It will also help people who are giving presentations about SuSanA to have the latest information on hand and to have a common starting point. It is updated from time to time.

Another aim of developing this standard set of slides was to give all presentations on SuSanA or the working groups a similar "look and feel" which will further help to promote SuSanA.

This is the new version from August 2014, which contains the following subsections:
1. Cover Pages
2. Definition of Sustainable Sanitation
3. Structure and the five roles of SuSanA
4. What is SuSanA?
5. SuSanA Partner Organisations
6. The 5 key messages of SuSanA
7. SuSanA Library
8. SuSanA Online Platform (Website, Social Media)
9. SuSanA Forum
10. Get involved
11. Annex

More information about these slides and a discussion that took place about them is available here:
You can also give feedback about the slides at that link!

There is also the previous version from 2012 in case you still need that (but is has been superceded by this new version).

The following are a few tips for new users of this set of powerpoint slides:

To change the footer including the date, you will need to go into the slide master and make the changes there. You can use the SuSanA open discussion forum prior and post presentation to prepare discussion points and also bounce ideas around. If you use this template in a presentation please feel free to send the SuSanA secretariat a copy of your presentation. We are always happy to hear from supporters of sustainable sanitation and to share knowledge with the sustainable sanitation community.

If you come across any errors please communicate them to the SuSanA secretariat at info@susana.org.

We are providing the slides as a complete set in one file, or - for people with slow internet connection - as 11 parts in separate 11 files (see below).

Last updated: 27 August 2014

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SuSanA (2014). A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA. SuSanA Secretariat, located at GIZ, Eschborn, Germany

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2014 - Complete file - Standard set of slides explaining SuSanA

Format: pptx file
Size: 18.96 MB

2014 - Part 1- Cover pages - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 0.18 MB

2014 - Part 2 - Definition of sustainable sanitation - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 0.1 MB

2014 - Part 3 - The Structure of SuSanA - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 2.6 MB

2014 - Part 4 - What is SuSanA? - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 1.69 MB

2014 - Part 5 - SuSanA partner organisations - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 2.51 MB

2014 - Part 6 - The five key messages of SuSanA - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 0.52 MB

2014 - Part 7- SuSanA library - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 0.24 MB

2014 - Part 8 - SuSanA online platform - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 1.08 MB

2014 - Part 9- SuSanA forum - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 3.08 MB

2014 - Part 10 - Get Involved - Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 3.08 MB

2014 - Part 11- Annex-Standard slides

Format: pptx file
Size: 6.23 MB

2012-complete-set-A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA

Format: ppt file
Size: 11.14 MB

2012-part 1-A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA

Format: ppt file
Size: 2.42 MB

2012-part 2-A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA

Format: ppt file
Size: 5.56 MB

2012-part 3-A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA

Format: ppt file
Size: 2.53 MB

2012-annex-A standard set of Powerpoint slides to explain SuSanA

Format: ppt file
Size: 1.48 MB

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