Data Collection Tools - Tanzania
Baseline Study of Low-Income Urban Areas in Tanzania

Published in: 2010


Content - Summary

The Ministry of Water (MoW) and the Energy and Water Utilities Regulartory Authority (EWURA) with the technical and financial support from GIZ commissioned a Baseline Study in October 2009 to collect and analyze data related to the provision of improved wate and sanitation services in underserved urban low-income areas (LIAs) in Tanzania. The baseline study including the data collection tools was prepared and conducted by GFA Consulting Group. The data was collected in the 20 biggest urban conglomerates in Tanzania via household interviews, focus group discussions and interviews with informal service providers. Moreover, important infrastructure points such as wells, waterkiosks, public toilets as well as the administrative boundaries were geo-referenced (GIS) using GPS devices. This data, together with the data from the household survey were visualised using free/low-cost technology such as Google Earth creating the most updated picture of urban settlement patterns and water and sanitation infrastructure in Tanzania to date.

The data can now be accessed through MoW and EWURA as well as through the Baseline Study DVD and a GoogleEarth Link, which can be downloaded through the following link . You need to install Google Earth on your computer.

The DVD can be obtained from GIZ headquarters or GIZ Tanzania office.

Content of Data Collection Tools:

- Content Toolkit Baseline Study 2010
- Data Collection Tool 1 Initial Listing
- Data Collection Tool 2 LIA Recording
- Data Collection Tool 3 A Plot Dwelling Recording Sheet
- Data Collection Tool 3 B LIA Summary Sheet
- Data Collection Tool 4 Plot Dwelling Interview
- Data Collection Tool 5 Focus Group Discussion
- Data Collection Tool 6 ISP Listing
- Data Collection Tool 7 ISP Interview
- Definition Sheet
- Appointment Sheet
- Contact Sheet
- Pariticipants List
- Allowances Payments

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GFA (2010). Data Collection Tools - Tanzania - Baseline Study of Low-Income Urban Areas in Tanzania.


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