SuSanA News - World Water Day 2022   
Dear SuSanA members and friends,

World Water Day 2022 on the 22nd of March is fast approaching and we would like to celebrate this important day with you!

On this occasion, the global water and sanitation community will meet in Senegal, between March 21st-26th, 2022, for the 9th World Water Forum, under the theme: Water Security for Peace and Development. SuSanA will be present at the Forum to meet its members and partners from the sub-region and contribute with other sector players and key decision makers to address global water and sanitation challenges in the long term.

In addition to celebrating World Water Day, we are happy to announce the 32nd SuSanA meeting, which will take place in August. We are excited to welcome you back online this year and look forward to making this event very special – stay tuned!

Furthermore, we have selected some key activities and announcements for the network! We will share some exciting updates on the SuSanA Working Groups, the Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) initiative, the change management process, and the upcoming Menstrual Hygiene Day. And, we will make sure to let you know what’s new in terms of publications, podcasts, webinars and more!

Enjoy screening the various topics of this newsletter and explore recent reports, lively discussions, and new publications through the links!

Yours sincerely,
Arne, Alexandra, Maren, Daphne and Rebecca
on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat
32nd SuSanA Meeting
Save the Date: Saturday, August 20th 2022
There were long discussions about the format of the next SuSanA meeting. Although we are all experiencing virtual fatigue and most of us wish to meet in person, the SuSanA event task force concluded that for a key event such as the annual SuSanA meeting, the virtual format presents more advantages than disadvantages, including the increased accessibility.

On Saturday August 20th we are planning an exciting day of learning and exchange at the SuSanA 32nd virtual Meeting. We will make sure to find the right balance between insightful sessions, interactive discussions and possibilities for networking. All this in a compact one-day format, so as not to interfere too much with our daily work. So, mark your calendar, spread the word, and stay tuned for more detailed information.
Introduction of the Interim Steering Committee (ISC)
Update on the new concept paper
On March 14th the Change Management Task Force (CMTF) has formally delivered the final version of the SuSanA 2.0 concept paper and introduced the Interim Steering Committee (ISC) members to the Core Group, thereby marking the handover of responsibilities from the CMTF to the ISC to steer the transition process. We warmly welcome the ISC members Susmita Sinha, Hiba Abu Al Rob, Alejandra Burchard-Levine and Christoph Luethi. We would like to thank the CMTF members for their focus and dedication to the task of designing a new structure for SuSanA and wish them all the best for their next endeavours. With the Concept paper and the ISC in place, SuSanA is now ready to take the next step in its transformation process.
SuSanA will be present at the World Water Forum
March 21st - 26th, 2022 in Dakar, Senegal
The 9th World Water Forum in Dakar scheduled from March 21st-26th, 2022 is around the corner and SuSanA is delighted to announce their participation at this major global event. The 9th edition of the WWF will be marked with the introduction of a Sanitation Village, which will showcase innovations and achievements in the field of sanitation around the world. SuSanA will have a booth and organize a side-event at the Sanitation Village. In addition, SuSanA will contribute, co-convene and support several activities organized by partner organizations. Have look at the SuSanA programme and if you are at the Forum in Dakar, come and visit our booth! We are looking forward to meeting as many SuSanA members as possible.
New Publication on Handwashing Facilities
Overview and Decision Support Tool with Case Studies from Uganda
SuSanA is pleased to announce that we (with GIZ, EAWAG, Swiss Univ. FHNW) will launch the publication `Handwashing Facilities - Overview and Decision Support Tool with Case Studies from Uganda´ at the World Water Forum. It systematically describes handwashing facilities and provides a simple tool to select between different systems in the field. In an Annex to the publication a set of Handwashing system elements will be featured. There will be templates for you to fill out if you have developed your own handwashing facility.
New Compendium of Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies
The new “Compendium of Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies“ and its corresponding online platform will be officially launched on March 23rd, 2022 during the World Water Forum in Dakar (6:30 pm at the German booth). Both the hard/softcopy version as well as the online platform will be globally accessible from March 23, 2022 onwards.

The Compendium of Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies is the third volume of the ‘Emergency WASH Compendium’ series, complementing the already existing compendia on sanitation and water supply technologies in emergencies and addressing the third pillar of the WASH triad – Hygiene Promotion.

It provides a comprehensive and systematic compilation of the most relevant and sector-reviewed components, tools, methods and approaches to design and implement successful Hygiene Promotion interventions. It draws on the latest initiatives, materials and evidence, disaggregating Hygiene Promotion into its functional components, clarifying terminology and providing guidance on the most appropriate solutions in a given context. The Compendium is a capacity strengthening tool and a reference book and supports planning, implementation and decision making for specific Hygiene Promotion interventions.

The development of the Compendium has been a collaborative effort of Global WASH Cluster partners, coordinated by the German WASH Network, financially supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and with contributions and support from a multitude of international WASH experts, organisations and institutions.
WASHaLOT travels to Dakar
We are excited to present the WASHaLOT 3.0 at the World Water Forum in Dakar. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the WASHaLOT at the German Pavilion (and in other locations). The recently published “Bringing WASHaLOT 3.0 to scale: Production, Installation and Operations in Uganda” as well as the new WASHaLOT Knowledge Map, including all publications and more related to the WASHaLOT, invite visitors to learn more about the concept, installation, use and maintenance of the WASHaLOT.
New Factsheet of WG 1
Capacity Development
Working Group 1 has published a new factsheet on the Capacity Development for sustainable sanitation. This factsheet aims to provide the basics on what is capacity development. It highlights how considering the different levels, multiple topics, and stakeholders are inherent to success. It summarizes the main capacity gaps for SDG 6, and presents available instruments and resources to close this gap.
SuSanA Working Groups
Leads and Co-leads wanted
The SuSanA Working Groups are looking for Co-/leads. If you are interested to represent your organisation or as an individual, we welcome you to send your applications to the Secretariat. The following positions are available:

WG 8 - Emergency & reconstruction situations
WG 12 - WASH and nutrition

WG 8 - Emergency & reconstruction situations
WG - 9 Public awareness, advocacy and civil society engagement
WG 10 - Operation, maintenance and sustainable services
WG 12 - WASH and nutrition
SuSanA Thematic Discussion - The power of images
Final Report and Guide
Images are a big part of communication, today more so than ever. Not only do we consume more visual media than ever through social media and streaming sites. More and more we use images to communicate with each other, e.g., gifs and memes. Yet the way we read and understand an image is influenced by several factors including historical and cultural context or background, age as well as race and gender.

Through our latest thematic discussions, we created an environment that encouraged discussions on the topic of culturally sensitive communication and mindfulness in the way we communicate information with each other in the SuSanA Network, in our SuSanA publications, and other ways of communication within the SuSanA universe and beyond.

Thank you for all the contributions, we hope that the final report and the guide on the use of images will be a welcomed orientation for many SuSanA members and partners. We will keep the forum threads open for feedback and input from our community.
SFD Update
More than 200 SFDs have been uploaded!
10 years ago, the idea of SFD´s was born. Since then, the project has grown, and we are proud to say that we have uploaded now more than 200 SFD´s - 204 to be exact.

SFD is a decision support tool, which has the potential to shift the focus of attention, money and activities towards effective and inclusive urban sanitation and more efficient investments, thereby, improving the situation of all urban residents and environment.

Thank you to all involved parties, the hard work, time and effort they have invested into the project and each report. Stay tuned we have new uploads coming soon!
WASH in Schools massive open Online Course - Orientation Guide
Fit for School programme and the Fit for School Africa Initiative
Together with the Fit for School programme and the Fit for School Africa Initiative, the “WASH in Schools Massive Open Online Course Orientation Guide” will be launched at the World Water Forum. This guide is based on the successful implementation of Massive Open Online Courses in the Philippines and is designed to help you develop your own MOOC on WASH in Schools.
CHAT, LISTEN, EXCHANGE: Webinar on understanding the education sector from the perspective of WASH
WASH in Schools Network
As a global inter-agency network aiming to harmonize efforts and promote alignment among MoE and partners, the WinS (WASH in Schools) Network is hosting a monthly webinar series from March until June 2022. Each month, a designated topic will be presented and discussed among sector experts, stakeholders, project implementers and representatives from Ministries of Education. These webinars are designed to be informative and interactive, as they form a core part of the network’s mission to ‘foster a global community of practice on WinS to harmonise strategies for supporting governments around the world to plan, finance, implement and monitor integrated, inclusive, and sustainable WinS programmes.’

Watch out for announcements of the next sessions with specific details and links to the registration form via the WinS Network events page.
The road to Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022
2022 is another important year for Menstrual Hygiene Day and to promote good menstrual health and hygiene for all!

With 28 May approaching fast, we at SuSanA would like to help you to make the most out of MH Day 2022 for your programmes and projects. For that, we invite you to share your (social media) campaigns, resources, images, stories and planned activities for this year’s MH Day. Feel free to share your stories, experiences and activities in the Forum and contact us at to include your story in the Menstrual Hygiene Day Newsletter Edition.

We are looking forward to exciting insights and your engagement! #MHDay22
FSMA Digests
Call for proposal
FSMA Digests was created to provide a space for sharing viewpoints and reflections from FSM professionals. Most FSM-related publishing to date has been primarily academic research, and we saw a gap we want to address. This series aims to share non-academic articles, editorials, insights, and opinions from our network. In this same spirit, we use a simplified selection process instead of the more conventional academic peer review process. Anyone may submit an article relevant to the topic or theme of the current edition.

Have an idea for an upcoming edition or would you like to be a guest editor? Email us at

Article due date extended to May 31st 2022.
Updates from SuSanA India Chapter
National WASH Conclave 2022 and thematic discussion on rural FSM
The India Chapter was hosting content on the National WASH Conclave 2022 held from 23 – 25 February 2022. This virtual conclave was the eighth in a series aimed at bring government and all sector players on a virtual platform to deliberate, reflect, share and learn from experiences on effective delivery of WASH services by Panchayats including ways to improve resilience to future pandemics and major disruptions, including climate change. This conclave was organized by NIRDPR in collaboration with MoJS, MoPR, UNICEF, WaterAid and other development partners and organizations.

The Chapter is also conducting a thematic discussion faecal sludge management in rural areas.
Updates from SuSanA Latinoamérica Chapter
Translation of sanitation documents
SNV Netherlands Development Organization, a non-profit international development organization, has published its latest publication on urban sanitation together with its knowledge partner Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney (ISF-UTS), Australia.

SuSanA Latin America has translated this publication into Spanish and Portuguese so that it reaches our Latin American region. The team tracked down and investigated better-known and lesser-known treatment and reuse stories in Asia and Africa. Antoinette Kome, Global Sector Director for WASH at SNV, said: "This publication is a good example of learning from the field and we hope these case studies feed into your own thinking and learning process."
Monitoring SDG 6.2 and 6.3
Country experiences in Bolivia, Jordan and Uganda
In line with the expression ‘you manage what you measure’, high quality and regular monitoring is key for the successful achievement of SDG targets 6.2 and 6.3. SuSanA’s Vision Document states the intention to further its work to meet the increasing need for technical assistance in developing methodologies, designing monitoring structures compatible with existing technical and institutional capacities, and in implementing monitoring processes. As a first step to exploring deeper SuSanA engagement on SDG 6.2 and 6.3 monitoring, in September of last year the Secretariat commissioned Carolien van der Voorden to undertake a rapid desk-review on the state of sanitation monitoring in three diverse countries, Bolivia, Jordan and Uganda; and to understand the institutions, actors, processes and mechanisms involved.

A recorded presentation of the key findings of this desk review are now posted on the SuSanA Forum.

We look forward to hearing your reactions, and suggestions for SuSanA on how to take our work on this topic forward.
FSMA Presents
FSMA Podcast Series
FSMA Presents is the official podcast run by the FSM Alliance (FSMA). In the quest to find a better way forward for safely managed sanitation, we speak to several people along the road who share their knowledge and experience within the sanitation sector, highlighting the cross-sectoral issues that don’t often get addressed.
Podcast Series
The WASH SDG voices from the field podcast is an occasional podcast that features the latest analysis and experiences of invited guests in implementing water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in Africa and Asia. Premiered in 2021, the latest episode features a conversation with Rajeev Munankami and Maria Carreiro on sector challenges in achieving safely managed sanitation. Together, they call for urgent attention and investments in improving the quality of infrastructure and containments, professionalising the work of sanitation masons and emptiers, and ensuring workers’ rights to occupational health and safety.
Papers to Practice
SuSanA Working Group 1 Podcast Series
The sanitation sector is constantly evolving and continues to innovate to ensure inclusive, safely managed services can be realized globally by 2030. Papers to Practice aims to bridge the gap between the constantly growing wealth of research and practice on the ground.

Every month, Laura (CAWST) and Dorothee (EAWAG), co-leads of SuSanA WG 1, interview the author(s) of a sanitation publication and discuss key points, emphasize critical information, and explain how you can put the findings into practice — all within 40 minutes or less.

In 2021, the Papers to Practice pilot season was launched in October and ran through the end of the year. Now in 2022, the hope is to have a longer run with 8 to 9 episodes starting in April or May. If you have publications to suggest, please reach out to either Laura or Dorothee.
Keep the forum going
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