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SuSanA News, November 2020
Dear SuSanA Members and Partners,

We wish you a Happy World Toilet Day, which falls on November 19 every year! However, World Toilet Day will only be a truly happy day once all persons on planet earth can celebrate their access to safely managed sanitation. Yet, there is a long way to go.

We should take this years theme, which remarks the importance of "Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change" as an encouragement for our day-to-day work and efforts on achieving sustainable sanitation for all!

In this SuSanA News edition, we are presenting a selection of World Toilet Day related publications and ongoing activities. Furthermore, the conference material from the global 30th SuSanA Meeting as well as results from the SuSanA Forum survey. Enjoy screening the topics of this newsletter and exploring the recent reports, lively discussions and blog posts, mobile apps and new compendia through the links.

The SuSanA Secretariat
Out now: State of the World’s Sanitation Report
New report by WHO & UNICEF
For the first time, WHO and UNICEF bring together the data on sanitation coverage and investment, and how it impacts health, economies and the environment. Citing evidence on what works from successful countries and global guidelines, WHO and UNICEF call for strong government leadership and investment in resilient sanitation services. The report charts an ambitious way forward following the SDG6 global acceleration framework themes of governance, financing, capacity development, data and information, and innovation to achieve universal access to safe sanitation.
New Compendium and serious game on Sanitation Resource Recovery launched
Webinars hosted by SuSanA
As part of the Sanitation Planning for Alternative Nutrient-recovery Systems (SPANS) project, a group of SuSanA partners in collaboration with SuSanA working group 5 organized two online events.
The "Guide to Sanitation Resource Recovery Products & Technologies" (to be published soon) was announced and will act as a compendium for resource recovery from sanitation systems. It was designed as a supplement to the Eawag Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies.
Also, the serious sanitation game "RECLAIM - a collaborative resource recovery game for urban sanitation planning" was launched. It was developed through a co-design process with urban sanitation stakeholders in Uganda and Sweden. Make sure to place your order before November 30th.
New Emergency Hygiene Promotion Compendium under development
Following on the EmerSan Compendium
A new Compendium on Emergency Hygiene Promotion is being developed by the German WASH Network together with several partners and support from the Global WASH Cluster. Following the Compendium of Sanitation Technologies in Emergencies (see link below) and the Emergency Water Supply Compendium (coming soon), it will cover the most relevant hygiene promotion aspects, tools, methods and approaches. SuSanA Working Groups have been requested for feedback and inputs. More infos will follow on the SuSanA Forum soon.
Calculate the cost for WASH in Schools
The O&M App will help schools to budget and calculate the annual cost of operation and maintenance for WASH in Schools activities and infrastructure, following recommendations by WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO on drinking water, sanitation and personal hygiene, and includes pandemic preparedness and response measures. GIZs Sector Program Sustainable Sanitation and Regional Fit for School Program together with the Hygiene and Behaviour Coalition have joined forces in the development of the app. Once installed, it can work offline and calculation results can be saved to a device or sent via email for planning and budgeting purposes.
Creating more climate resilient cities through safe sanitation
Upcoming study about climate resilient sanitation
In order to improve the understanding of interlinkages between climate change, urban resilience, sanitation systems and sanitation service provision, the Resilient Cities Network (RCN) and the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH jointly commissioned a study. This study aims to raise the visibility of urban sanitation in the international climate change discourse and to highlight its importance on urban resilience. SuSanA Working Group 3 (Climate Change and Renewable Energy) will be involved as a sounding board and will support the dissemination of knowledge products that will be developed.
30th SuSanA Meeting
Follow up and Evaluation
As the ususal face-to-face event was not possible this year, we held the 30th SuSanA Meeting online - for the first time! The meeting took place end of August over the course of 9 days, with a total of 21 sessions supported by SuSanA Partners, members, Working Groups and Regional Chapters.
We at the Secretariat were overwhelmed on how the meeting turned out: We had more than 1,400 session participants in total and many of you were able to join the SuSanA Meeting for the first time due to the digital format. We have by now finalized the collection of conference materials including presentations and recordings and can be found in the link below.
SuSanA Forum user survey
Results are open for discussions
A big thank you to the 538 SuSanA members who participated in our SuSanA Forum User Survey running from July to September 2020. The results have been shared and discussed in the Forum and we welcome you to have a look. Overall, you, the users, seem very satisfied with the Forum and the work that the moderators are doing. However, some of the goals we have now set ourselves for 2021 are to significantly increase the share of posts by female users (currently 36%) and the share of posts by users from the Global South (currently around 30%). We will also ponder which new categories or sub-categories should be created in future. Also, we will analyse the pros and cons of moving to a password-less social media login.
Calling all SuSanA members to improve the content of Wikipedia WASH articles
Getting the facts right
The Wiki Wednesday Initiative started on our social media channels, highlighting ongoing work to improve WASH-related Wikipedia articles. As many of those Wikipedia articles receive thousands of views per day, we are ensuring, that the content is factual, up to date and understandable! This initiative is spearheaded by the forum moderators Elisabeth von Muench, Chaiwe M. Sanderse and Paresh Chhajed.
Check out the links to read about our past and current efforts in Wikipedia editing, how to get involved and participate in online edit-a-thons and how to participate in the upcoming edit-a-thon Wiki4Climate.
Launch of the SuSanA Africa Regional Chapter
Bringing the African WASH community closer together
Hosted by the African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) and supported by the WSSCC in 2020, the SuSanA Africa Chapter was launched during the 30th SuSanA Meeting in August.
This amazing chapter will initiate, support and join activities on effective knowledge management and outreach, youth prioritisation and women empowerment along with strengthening capacity and participation of African CSOs in ongoing sector processes.
SuSanA Latinoamérica
Gender in WASH management and
The SusanA Latin America chapter organized a webinar on WASH and gender within the 30th SusanA meeting, underlining the importance of involving both, men and women in water and sanitation management at all levels.
Understanding the roles of genders, relationships and inequalities will help explain the available options and the choices of individuals, and can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of projects.

Today on WTD, there is a webinar on innovative and sustainable experiences of advancing wastewater sanitation and treatment service in the Latin American region.

Also, the SFD manual has been translated into spanish and portuguese and uploaded into the SuSanA library, making it even easier for native spanish/portuguese speakers to produce an SFD.
O&M Opportunities in Community Sanitary Complexes
Thematic discussion and webinar SuSanA India Chapter
The SuSanA India Chapter led two thematic discussions in the Forum between August and November. The first one discussed the topic of "Liquid Waste Management in Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) II" - the synthesis document is uploaded in the library and waits for you to be read. Additonally, the India Chapter hosted a webinar on grey water management under SBM II with support from WaterAid India, IRC and India Sanitation Coalition. The second thematic discussion on "O&M Opportunities in Rural Community Sanitary Complexes" recently closed and a webinar will take place today, World Toilet Day.
WG 1 - Capacity Building
Stay tuned for the new Factsheet
The new version of the "Capacity development for sustainable sanitation - Factsheet of Working Group 1" is going to be finished soon. Thanks to the vast participation of SuSanA members, the Working Groupd leads Laura Kohler and Dorothee Spuhler received a great amount of important and valuable feedback, which has been incorporated. The group of authors is now jointly working on the finalization by the end of the year.
New in the Library
SuSanA welcomes new partners!
We are happy to see SuSanA grow! Since the last SuSanA News, BIRD and YWAFT joined our community, summing up to 362 partners overall.
New in Forum
Upcoming sanitation events, trainings and webinars
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