SuSanA News March 2020   
SuSanA News, March 2020
Dear friends of SuSanA,

We are happy to e-launch the first joint publication of SuSanA and Faecal Sludge Management Alliance (FSMA), ‘The Heroes behind Sanitation’. The publication is a photostory featuring sanitation workers from four regions in Zambia, capturing the untold stories behind their lives and profession. Some of the workers portrayed were the winners of the Zambian Skills Challenge and have participated in the upcoming Pan-African Skills Challenge at AfWA Congress in Kampala.

We are also launching our new SuSanA Regional Chapter knowledge hubs today - browse them through the link below.

2020 brings a new collaboration between WSSCC and SuSanA, introducing a new Forum category on ‘Equity and Inclusion’ to the network. Two new Forum moderators have joined the principal moderator. The collaboration also opens doors to new members due to the the merger of the WSSCC LinkedIn Community of Practice on Sanitation and Hygiene in Developing Countries (CoP) with the SuSanA Forum. Together with WSSCC, we are also launching a new Sanitation Events Calendar open to all partners for posting their upcoming events. We invite all of you to join in shaping this new Forum section and contributing to the new calendar.

Enjoy exploring and have a great week!
SuSanA Secretariat
29th SuSanA Meeting in Kampala
The SuSanA meeting will be convened by the SuSanA Secretariat in collaboration with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Water for People. It will focus on City Wide Inclusive Sanitation, international and regional monitoring initiatives in sanitation, systems strengthening in sanitation and hygiene (group discussions), faecal sludge management and sanitation workers.
New SuSanA – FSMA joint publication on Sanitation Workers
We are happy to share ‘Heroes behind Sanitation’ - a new SuSanA publication in collaboration with FSMA. This photo story is a sequel to ‘Where there are no sewers’ and captures the lives of sanitation workers, especially pit emptiers on the ground in Zambia. The photo story was developed during a training the pit emptiers in Zambia attended as winners of the ZAWAFE Skills Challenge.
The publication will be launched at the AfWA Congress 2020 in Kampala and can be downloaded below.
FSM Operator Skills Challenge
Skills Challenges aims at instilling recognition among sanitation workers who are stigmatised despite providing an essential public service. The German Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation has been supporting GIZ and BORDA in the implementation of Skills Challenges for pit emptiers in major sanitation conferences such as FSM5/AfricaSan5, the ZAWAFE in collaboration with FSMA.
We are happy to announce that a Pan-African Skills Challenge in both manual and mechanical empyting will take place at the AfWA Congress in collaboration with BORDA, GIZ, FSMA, KCCA, AfWA, PASA and World Skills Uganda.

Date: Tuesday, 25th February
Time: 10am - 2pm
Venue: Cocktail Area, near Innovation Village, Serena Hotel (AfWA Congress venue), Kampala
Launch of new Regional Chapter portal
We are delighted to launch the new SuSanA Regional Chapter pages today. The pages present SuSanA Chapter activities, online discussions, opinion pieces concerning regional sanitation issues, resources in local languages, SuSanA partners active in the regions, and upcoming sanitation events.

Enjoy browsing the new pages. The India and Latin America pages are linked in the respective articles below.
India Chapter
The third phase of the SuSanA India Chapter formally started on 1st of January. The Chapter is supported by IRC, WaterAid India and India Sanitation Coalition. Four thematic discussions and several meetings are planned in 2020.

The first Forum discussion will focus on WASH in institutions (especially correctional institutions, care homes, remand homes, etc.), evaluating the current situations and standards. The topics for subsequent discussions include safe management of faecal sludge and waste water, behaviour change for sustainable sanitation, and impact on water quality of poorly managed and used sanitation.
Latin America Chapter
SuSanA Latin America Chapter has been organising meetings in the region with country focal points which help define actions, promote webinars, Forum and other knowledge sharing activities. 12 countries have been a part of the initiatives by the Chapter so far.
To date, two webinars have been hosted on decentralized sanitation and faecal sludge management. The third webinar on water and climate change is underway.
New SuSanA Forum co-moderators
We are growing! We welcome two amazing Forum co-moderators, Charlotte Mong’ina Maua from Kenya and Paresh Chhajed-Picha from India. Welcome to the SuSanA team!

We would also like to thank each and every applicant for expressing their interest in the SuSanA Forum and taking their time for the submission.

Eager to know more about them? Read their introductions below.
Sanitation Events Calendar launch
Are you organising sanitation events in the future and would like to be featured on the global SuSanA platform?
Now, all SuSanA partners can add and update information on their trainings, conferences, webinars and other online events to enhance engagement and participation. Please get in touch with the Secretariat if you would like to gain access to this tool on behalf of your organisation.
WG 1 Factsheet Update
The SuSanA Working Group 1 on capacity development is kick-starting an open process for the update of its Factsheet. SuSanA members are invited to review the outline, to comment, suggest resources and references, or to contribute content for the sections (e.g., demystifying the complexities of capacity development, or examples of capacity development approaches and outcomes).

The discussion will be open until April 10th.
New SDF Reports and SFD week 2020
Discover nine new Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) reports from these municipalities in Nepal: Bheemdatt, Kageshwori Manohara, Kirtipur, Madhyapur Thimi, Nagarjun, Tarakeshwor, Tokha, Changunarayan, Lamahi, as well as Sircilla municipality in India.
We are also pleased to announce that the SFD Week 2020 will take place from April 1-3 in Neemli, Rajastan. Following up on the deliberation of the first conclave (SFD Week 2019) the second knowledge conclave will focus on ‘Regulation, technologies and business models for mainstreaming citywide sanitation and excreta management’.
SuSanA Organisational Development
The SuSanA Change Management Task Force (CMTF) has been working remotely since its inception in Stockholm in 2019. During the second face-to-face meeting in Bonn, Germany, the CMTF finalised the modified vision and purpose as the first step of organisational development and developed a workplan for the OD process. The group intends to present options to alternate governance structures for SuSanA after analysing other networks and taking into account the growth of SuSanA along with an OD and governance expert.
In the event of funds being available, the process of producing several feasible options for a new governance would be completed by August 2020.
Sanitation mentors wanted
In 2020, the Rural Water and Sanitation Network (RWSN) is launching a mentoring scheme, aimed at matching young professionals under the age of 35 with senior professionals in the WASH sector. We are encouraging SuSanA members to be a mentor for mentees with a sanitation background. Mentors are needed in the following areas: water and sanitation in schools, low-cost faecal sludge management, wastewater treatment technology and reuse as well as sanitation policy and governance. If you would like to mentor one of these young professionals, please get in touch with the RWSN Secretariat ( before the end of February.
Menstrual Hygiene Management Concept
The GIZ Regional Fit for School Programme in cooperation with the GIZ Sector Programme Sustainable Sanitation has developed Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in Schools concept, which is modular, culturally adaptable and consists of a primary and secondary intervention package. A comprehensive concept that details primary and secondary interventions needed for MHM in schools is published. Components of MHM Capacity Development in Schools are illustrated.
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Upcoming sanitation events, trainings and webinars
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