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Dear SuSanA members and friends,

Despite many efforts to improve access to safe sanitation for all, we are facing a global sanitation crisis. Today, 3.6 billion people are still living with poor quality toilets that are detrimental to their health and pollute their environment. Every day, more than 800 children die from diarrhoea due to unsafe water, sanitation, and poor hygiene.

This year, World Toilet Day focuses on the impact of the sanitation crisis on groundwater. Inadequate sanitation systems spread human waste into rivers, lakes and soil, polluting the water resources under our feet. However, this problem seems to be invisible to most of us. Invisible because it happens underground. Invisible because it happens in the poorest and most marginalized communities.

Groundwater is our most abundant source of freshwater. It supports our drinking water supplies, sanitation systems, farming, industry, and ecosystems. As climate change worsens and populations grow, groundwater supply is vital for our survival.

Safely managed sanitation protects groundwater from human waste pollution. Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 is the world’s promise to ensure safe toilets for all by 2030. This means everyone having access to a toilet connected to a sanitation system that effectively removes and treats human waste. However, we are seriously off track to meet this target.

We must work around four times faster to ensure everyone has a safe toilet by 2030. The connection between sanitation and groundwater cannot be overlooked. Time is running out - we must make the invisible visible.

As the SuSanA network, let's work together and jointly make this happen! Don’t forget to register for the next SuSanA webinar organised by the WG 5 on the occasion of World Toilet Day. More information can be found in the news mail below.

In preparation for World Toilet Day, we have put together some news items from the network. Enjoy exploring!

Yours sincerely,
Arne, Alexandra, Maren, Teresa, Daphne, and Megan
on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat
SuSanA at the COP27
Join us at the Water Pavilion (7-18 November)
Water & Sanitation are a core topic of this year’s COP27, including an official Water Day on 14 November and a stand-alone Water Pavilion.

You are warmly invited to participate in a wide range of events, most of which are accessible online! Everyone interested can register for virtual participation via Zoom.

The Water Pavilion is taking place from 7-18 November in the Blue Zone of COP27, highlighting the central importance of water for transformative climate action. Led by the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, with support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the pavilion mobilises more than 30 organisations, governments, companies, and civil society actors committed to raising awareness of the role of Water for Climate with various sessions and events over seven thematic days.

Do not miss the two sessions in which SuSanA will participate (more below).
Empowered Climate Resilience: Women as change makers for water-sensitive climate action
Wednesday Nov 16, 2022, 12:15 - 01:45 PM (EET)
Climate resilience depends on women! Women are playing a powerful role in tackling the effects of climate change. The session “Empowered Climate Resilience: Women as change makers for water-sensitive climate action” celebrates female knowledge and their potential as leaders of change for water and climate action, with contributions from various key stakeholders, such as AfWA, SIWI, Water Aid, Global Water Partnership, UTS and many more. Chaiwe Sanderse and Maren Heuvels will share, on behalf of SuSanA, their views on gender inclusion in the sector to achieve climate resilience and sustainability.
A Call to Action for Climate Resilient and Low Carbon Sanitation
Thursday Nov 17, 2022, 12:00 - 01:15 PM (EET)
The sanitation sector has been largely overlooked in the climate discourse. A joint effort is needed to draw public attention to the importance of sanitation for climate action. The session “A Call to Action for Climate Resilient and Low Carbon Sanitation” will allow key sector players such as BMGF, WHO, UNICEF, IDE and UTS to discuss the state of the sanitation sector and its challenges in the face of climate change. The Resilient Cities Network and BMZ (on behalf of SuSanA) will highlight the important role and responsibilities of global networks to include sanitation in the climate discourse. The session will then conclude with a global call to action for climate resilient sanitation.
The contribution of standards and certification to the safe reuse of nutrients from sanitation and waste systems
SuSanA WG5 Webinar for World Toilet Day 2022
To mark World Toilet Day 2022, the SuSanA Working Group on Productive Sanitation and Food Security and the SEI — Stockholm Environment Institute, along with other partners, are organizing a webinar on the role of standards and certification systems in the safe reuse of nutrients from sanitation systems. The webinar will be moderated by Daniel Ddiba (WG5 co-lead) and will include speakers from WHO, TÜV SÜD, ETH and SEI, among others. Through presentations & a panel discussion, the key challenges & opportunities for the use of standards and certification in nutrient reuse will be discussed. Participants will also have an opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking with colleagues working on these issues. Mark your calendar, so you don't miss out on this interesting event: 24 November 2022 (10:00 - 11:30 CET).
21st AfWA Congress & Exhibition/ 7th International Faecal Sludge Management Alliance Conference
Registration is now open!
For the first time, the Faecal Sludge Management Alliance (FSMA) will partner with the African Water Association to co-host the 21st AfWA Congress & Exhibition and the 7th International Faecal Sludge Management Conference in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, to bring together water and sanitation in this joint event, including faecal sludge management. The event will be held from February 19 to 23, 2023 and registration for the congress is now open.

The joint event will feature the theme “Acting for sustainable resources management and access for all to water and sanitation in Africa” and is an opportunity to bring together the world's leading experts, engineers, technicians, researchers, and stakeholders, to meet the concerns of our fellow citizens, in a world where water and sanitation challenges are just too many.
New Global Steering Committee!
It’s official – the seven regional representatives for the Global Steering Committee (GSC) have been elected:

Sub-Saharan Africa - Prof. Charles Niwagaba (Uganda)
Europe & Central Asia - Dorothee Spuhler (Switzerland)
Latin America & Caribbean - Carla Liera (Mexico)
North America - Kartik Chandran (USA)
South Asia - Rohini Pradeep (India)
East Asia & Pacific - Gina Itchon (Philippines)
Middle East & North Africa - Dr. Arwa Abelhay (Jordan)

This marks a new era of the change process towards SuSanA 2.0!

The GSC is the principal decision-making body during its three-year term (two terms maximum) and is responsible for governance and financial oversight, as well as resource mobilisation for SuSanA.

Thanks to the 247 SuSanA Members that cast their vote and for supporting us in this process! We hope to achieve an even higher turnout in the next GSC elections!
» Check out the GSC members here
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VI LatinoSan Conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia
SuSanA Latin America Chapter
The VI LatinoSan Conference took place on the 12-13.10.2022 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Lourdes Valenzuela and our colleagues from the SuSanA Latin America Chapter held a Side Event on „Sanitation technologies and tools” during the LatinoSan. The event was a great success with around 150 people participating in person, while 635 joined online.You can now watch the recordings on Facebook and YouTube. A huge thank you to the SuSanA Latin America Chapter and all the participants and attendees!

La VI Conferencia LatinoSan se llevó a cabo del 12 al 13 de octubre de 2022 en Cochabamba, Bolivia. Nuestros colegas del Capítulo Regional SuSanA Latinoamérica realizaron un Evento Paralelo sobre "Tecnologías y herramientas de saneamiento" durante la LatinoSan. El evento fue un gran éxito con la participación de alrededor de 150 personas en persona, mientras que 635 se unieron en línea. Ya se pueden ver las grabaciones en Facebook y YouTube. ¡Un enorme agradecimiento al Capítulo Regional SuSanA Latinoamérica y a todos los participantes y asistentes!
Regional Conference of SN MEN-REM in Jordan
SuSanA was also represented at the Regional Conference of the GIZ Sector Network MEN-REM which took place from the 16-18.10.2022 at the Dead Sea in Jordan. The overarching topic was “Climate Change, recession, war: Looking for answers to tackle global crises”. 120 water and sanitation experts, mainly from the MENA region, participated at the two days of conference that were followed by one day of field trips. SuSanA was presented to the GIZ projects of the MENA region to encourage collaboration and active use of the network in the region.
New WANA chapter coordinator
Since October the WANA Regional Chapter has a new coordinator! Hadeel Al Qatamin is working as an M&E expert with BORDA in Jordan and has taken over the chapter lead from Mohammad Talafha. We thank Mohammad for his great work and look forward to working with Hadeel!
Give it your all ... because a more just world starts with each of us!
Reading by Neven Subotić at the Campus Bonn
On November 8, Neven Subotić visited the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) campus in Bonn, Germany. While Neven is best-known for his talent in professional football, he has also gained additional recognition through his active work on “WASH 4 ALL” in Africa. For many years he has been a prominent partner of SuSanA. At GIZ, he presented his best-selling book “Alles geben”. The book strongly appeals for more justice within the detached system of professional soccer and in a globalized world. The SuSanA network and the GIZ projects will be happy to continue supporting Neven in advancing the issue of "WASH for all!".

Photo: Elke Hüttner (Director of Division Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure), Neven Subotić (Neven Subotic Foundation), Arne Panesar (Head of SuSanA Secretariat)
New Translation Function for SFD Graphic Generator
SuSanA goes multi-lingual
Earlier this year, SuSanA implemented a new feature allowing all users to translate SuSanA web pages into any language using Google automatic translation. To build on this, the secretariat has also adjusted the registration process by allowing communication with new SuSanA members in Arabic, Spanish, French and Chinese. SuSanA has recently taken a further step towards making its platform multilingual by enabling the full translation of its flagship tool: the Shit Flow Diagram. A new feature allows users to translate the graphic generator and the resulting SFD graphic into five languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish, German, and French. This is a big step towards the overall dissemination, sustainability, and relevanc of the tool.
Celebrating 15,000 Members!
The SuSanA Community is growing
And we saved the best news for last: we have just surpassed 15,000 SuSanA members! Having achieved this new milestone, we would like to express our gratitude to our members across the world and celebrate the growth of the SuSanA community together. SuSanA would not exist and be the network it has become today without the voluntary contributions of so many individuals. We greatly appreciate your commitment and contributions to the network, which we want to continue to strengthen. Thank you to each and every one of you!
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