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  Dear SuSanA members and partners,

The SuSanA secretariat wishes you all the best for the new year and hopes that everyone had a few nice and relaxing holidays. May all your wishes for the upcoming year come true!

We are also happy to announce that SuSanA will be five years old this year as it was formed on 29 January 2007! Happy birthday SuSanA! The minutes of the first meeting can be found here

This monthly e-mail informs you about the latest news from SuSanA and the SuSanA partners. For more frequent news updates please visit our facebook page: ( or check the SuSanA discussion forum ( This e-mail is sent to 2377 subscribers of the SuSanA mailing list and contains the following topics:
  1. Milestone: The SuSanA factsheet book is now available
  2. Multilingual: SuSanA Library now provides documents in more languages
  3. More logically structured: The SuSanA library has been restructured
  4. Document ranking: Who is on the winner's podium this time?
  5. Looking behind the scenes: What is the role of the SuSanA secretariat?
  6. Strengthen the network: The SuSanA backlink issue
  7. Congratulations: The SSWM Toolbox wins the Project Innovation Award!
  8. SuSanA is growing: We announce two new partners
  9. Monthly SuSanA discussion forum digest: What has been discussed?
  10. Sharing knowledge: New additions to the SuSanA library


1. Milestone: The SuSanA factsheet book is now available

This factsheet book is a compilation of 13 thematic factsheets which were produced by the eleven SuSanA working groups and updated in an extensive reviewing process since July 2011. What makes these factsheets so special is that they are multi-authored from people belonging to many different organisations or who are working as independent consultants all over the world.

A draft of this document is available online here for you to review:

We are now inviting your feedback and comments (until 31 January 2012) before we finalise this document and produce a printed version. Please put your comments here in the discussion forum or send them by e-mail to us:

Also, it might be interesting for you to see how the reviewing process took place for some of the factsheets which were updated. Kindly use the link provided below, access a working group category and feel free to add to the discussion (it is the process that counts, not only the final product)

Remarkable discussions took place in these working group categories: WG 11 (Groundwater protection), WG 9b (Public awareness and sanitation marketing), WG 9a (Sanitation as a business), WG 5 (Productive sanitation systems and link to nutrition), WG 2 (Finance and economics).

2. Multilingual: SuSanA library now provides documents in more languages

The SuSanA library has always provided a wealth of documents in various languages, but so far the language selection box of the library only showed English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (see on the right hand side). In fact, many more languages are represented in the library and a significant number of documents already existed in the library in Russian, Portuguese and Swahili.
Therefore, these three languages have now also been included in the language selection box. Please continue to send us relevant documents, posters and drawings in any language, we are happy to include them in the library.

Please send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us the website link if they are already online.

3. More logically: The SuSanA library has been restructured

We also restructured the SuSanA library in order to improve its performance and usability. The library is now divided into the following sections:

  • Full online library - providing access to the whole content of the SuSanA library

  • SuSanA publications - this section provides documents which have been elaborated by the SuSanA working groups

  • Technical drawings - in this section a diverse range of technical drawings have been kindly provided by SuSanA members who have been involved in implementation and construction of sustainable sanitation systems

  • Posters - here a diverse range of posters for both presentation and educational purposes have been kindly provided by SuSanA members

  • Links to further resources - this list provides links to databases, newsletters and journals of SuSanA partner organisations and others

There is now also a separate menu item with "Conference and training materials"

4. Document ranking: Who is on the winner's podium this time?

Since 28 October 2011 we are tracking the document statistics in the SuSanA library. Apart from the sorting of library entries by year and upload date, it is now also possible to sort according to the number of views and downloads. The current top three in the field of downloads are:

  1. Toolkit for urban public sanitation projects in Kenya (291 downloads)

  2. 10 case studies about sustainable sanitation projects in Vietnam (112 downloads)

  3. Compilation of 13 factsheets on key sustainable sanitation topics (draft) (84 downloads)

If you would like to check the popularity of any other publication in the library please visit visit the library and click on the sorting arrows of either the Views or Downloads (

5. Looking behind the scenes: What is the role of the SuSanA secretariat?

When we were recently revising the FAQ section of the SuSanA website we noticed that we had no online section on the actual roles and functions of the secretariat (

Some of you might have wondered what are these people actually doing all day? Well, please find it out here:

6. Strengthen the network: The SuSanA backlink issue

This is an appeal to all the partner organisations of SuSanA: In order to strengthen our network we kindly ask all partners to display the "partner of SuSanA" logo on their website and to create a link to the SuSanA website (the logo is available here Or alternatively please write a line of text and insert the link to the SuSanA website there.

Many of you do already provide the logo and a link back to the SuSanA website on your organisation's website in the respective section (front page, links or partners) and we thank you for that!

7. Congratulations: The SSWM Toolbox wins the Project Innovation Award!

The Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox ( and their partners have received the International Water Association's (IWA) Project Innovation Award ( at a special ceremony during the IWA Development Congress in Kuala Lumpur.

To date, the SSWM-Toolbox is the most comprehensive, open source and freely available, local-level capacity development tool that links-up sustainable sanitation, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and agriculture on the local level. Focusing on the human influence on the local water and nutrient cycles, the SSWM-Toolbox helps in finding an answer to the core question: With what kind of processes, measures or tools can I optimise my local sanitation and water management system and make it more sustainable?

Congratulations to this innovative and excellent work of SuSanA partners!

8. SuSanA is growing: We announce two new partners

The SuSanA network has recently grown in size with two new partner organisations joining the network bringing the total to 174. A brief introduction to each new partner organisation is given below.

173. Xavier University - is a Filipino, Catholic and Jesuit academic community which pursues truth and excellence in teaching, research and service to communities. It is concerned with contemporary problems; it prepares men and women with competencies, skills and a keen sense of responsibility to their communities.

174. FINISH - is an association which seeks to improve sanitation and thereby, living and economic conditions of poor rural and peri-urban households, through economic incentives, primarily enhancing financial inclusion of these households.

9. Monthly SuSanA discussion forum digest: What has been discussed?

The SuSanA discussion forum is now half a year old and it is already a success story. Feel welcome to continue supporting the discussion forum with your contributions to the ongoing debates. These are some of the topics that have been discussed last month:

Subscribe to the email alerts for forum postings:

If you have forgotten your SuSanA login or password (you need a login and password to make postings but not for reading):

Direct contact person in case of technical problems or suggestions: Enno Schroeder (GIZ) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

10. Sharing knowledge: New additions to the SuSanA library

Since the last news mail, we have added another 82 documents to the SuSanA library bringing the total number to 1066 (see where the most recently uploaded documents are shown at the top of the list). We highlight the following seven publications to you:

Sanitation financing models for the urban poor
Sijbesma, C. (2011) Thematic overview paper. IRC, Netherlands
This Thematic Overview Paper attempts to search for pro-poor financing models that can facilitate the urban poor’s access to complete sanitation services. It catalogues existing financing models and examines each based on an analytical framework that comprises six criteria. It offers a recommendation for mixing financing mechanisms to meet the urban poor’s needs, and makes a plea for developing poor-specific and full-cycle specific plans for sanitation.

The publication is available here:

Opportunities and constraints for more sustainable sanitation through sanitation marketing in Malawi
Kappauf, L. (2011) MSc thesis, University of Loughborough, UK
This MSc thesis gives an overview of opportunities and constraints for more sustainable sanitation through the application of sanitation marketing approaches in rural Malawi. The thesis is based on the results of a field research in Lilongwe and Mzimba district in Malawi and considers three stakeholder levels: the rural population (demand site), entrepreneurs involved in sanitation supply (supply site) and the district governments (enabling environment). The potential of sanitation marketing in rural Malawi was assessed within the context of the lessons learnt from the on-going CLTS implementation and have shown that there are structural and/or institutional constraints for successful sanitation promotion), which might also challenge the introduction and/or scale up of sanitation marketing.

The publication is available here:

Planning, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants for wastewater utilities in Vietnam
WMP (2006-2011) Collection of tools. GIZ water programme, Vietnam
The objective of this German – Vietnamese partnership development programme is the improvement of the wastewater sector in Vietnam. The programme with GIZ (Technical Cooperation) in tandem with investment measures by KfW Entwicklungsbank (Financial Cooperation) is advising and supporting the national government as well as nine provincial governments and wastewater utilities in those provinces since 2005. One activity is the promotion of decentralized wastewater treatment (DWWT).

The publication is available here:

The Human Right to Water and Sanitation - A series of relevant documents
Various authors (2002-2011) United Nations
Following the UN General Assembly resolution, the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council affirms that the rights to water and sanitation are part of existing international law and confirms that these rights are legally binding upon states. It also calls upon states to develop appropriate tools and mechanisms to achieve progressively the full realisation of human rights obligations related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation, including in currently unserved and underserved areas. This link provides a series of relevant documents on human rights to water and sanitation.

The publication is available here:

38 case studies about sustainable sanitation projects in Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia
Various authors (2011) CAPS, Philippines
This publication represents a compilation of case studies from sustainable sanitation projects in Vietnam, Philippines, Laos and Cambodia. It covers a broad range of sustainable sanitation technologies among them UDDTs and decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) containing biogas reactors, anaerobic baffled reactors (ABRs) and constructed wetlands.


Excreta disposal in emergencies: The use of bag systems in challenging urban contexts
Patel, D. (2011) 35th WEDC International Conference, Loughborough, UK
While anecdotes of approaches to sanitation in complex urban humanitarian response exist, there is a need for research and development to mainstream emerging technologies to meet the challenges. In response to the wide-spread devastation and mass internal displacement caused by the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Oxfam GB trialled standard bags and Peepoo excreta disposal systems in two IDP settlements. Trial results demonstrated that both bag types are viable excreta disposal options.

The publication is available here:

Community-managed wastewater treatment system in El-Moufty El-Kobra, Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt
Case study: Stuber, N., Riad, M., Husselmann, H., Fahrländer, F. (2011) Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)
MSc thesis: Eisele, T. (2011) MSc thesis, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Here we would like to present two publications that have both been prepared in relation to a pilot development project of a decentralised wastewater management system with a community-based approach in the Nile Delta, village of Moufty El-Kobra, Egypt. The wastewater management system serves 2,750 persons. The project is part of a GIZ Water Supply and Wastewater Management Programme, financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Collaboration and Development (BMZ). While the case study gives an overview about the project, the thesis focuses on "Difficulties in implementing decentralised sanitation systems in Egypt exemplified through the GTZ model".

SuSanA case study:
MSc thesis:


You can find more information on events and news on the SuSanA website: We invite you to send us information on events and news items for publication on the SuSanA website. To provide comments and questions, please e-mail us or use our facebook page or use our discussion forum (

Kind regards from Eschborn (Germany),
Enno, Elisabeth and Christian

Enno Schroeder, Elisabeth von Muench and Christian Rieck
on behalf of the SuSanA secretariat
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(For IT reasons, GIZ staff members need to use this address instead: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Skype: susana.secretariat
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