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WETTECH SA (Water & Effluent Treatment Technologists)

WETTECH SA is a South African company specializing in: - Consulting on Waste and Wastewater Management - Design and Implementation of recommended solutions or adjustments - Operational Maintenance Contracts While Wettech strives intentionally to make use of South African machinery, skills and manpower as far as possible, they also have access to overseas technology and expertise. Wettech is proud representative of Neuhold GesmbH of Austria, specialists in small sewage treatment plants with decades of experience in operating within environmentally sensitive areas according to particularly stringent Austrian standards and regulations. Wettech also represents and utilizes equipment produced by Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GesmbH of Austria, manufacturers of high-class fine air bubble diffusers.


40 Textile Street, Suite 7092, Private Bag X3041
7620 Paarl


Eleonore Bondesio


021 872 0322


Private sector

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