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UMB (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

The Norwegian University for Life Sciences UMB is recognised as an international centre of knowledge, focused on higher education and research within environmental- and biosciences. The main focus is in the fields of biology, food, environment and natural resources sciences. UMB has a leading position in science and capacity building regarding sustainable sanitation in Europe. The university offers a 2-year MSc program in “Sustainable Water and Sanitation Health and Development”, and a 1-month summercourse in “Sustainable sanitation, decentralized, natural and ecological wastewater treatment”. The research on processes and transport mechanisms in porous media has given several technological improvements regarding natural and source separating sanitary systems including cold climate adaption of wetlands, biofilters for greywater treatment, and liquid composting of blackwater. Currently more focus is given to bioenergy generation as well as health, environmental, and agronomic aspects of reuse of recycled waste products.


P.O. Box 5003
1432 Aas


Petter Jenssen




+ 47 64 96 50 00


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