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UST (Unnayan Shahojogy Team)

Unnayan Shahojogy Team (UST) is a national NGO working in Bangladesh since 1986. It is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau in Bangladesh (Redg. No.291). It mobilizes available resources for the benefits of the rural poor, especially for the disadvantaged women and children. UST has been working in typical geographical (Char) areas in Bangladesh with the disadvantaged people, especially with women; children and adolescent girls to promote and protect their right. UST also works at grass root level with civil society for strengthening local governance towards sustainable development. UST believes that it is possible to bring changes in the situation of disadvantaged rural women through empowering them. This empowerment process is essential for shaping people's capacity to manage and control over all kinds of livelihoods assets in their vicinity, which is centrally important for their sustainable livelihoods.


House: 739, Road: 09, Baitul aman H/S, Adabor, Dhaka-1207
1207 Dhaka


Shah Md. Anowar Kamal




+8802 9128347, 8129429


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