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Tribhuvan University (Insitute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus)

Set up in 1959, Tribhuvan University (TU) is a pioneering institution of higher education in Nepal. Named after the late King Tribhuvan, TU is situated in Kirtipur, a small ancient town located five kilometers away from downtown Kathmandu. Following the recent second democratic movement Prime Minister of Nepal has become the Chancellor of the University while Minister of Education is the Pro-Chancellor. Vice Chancellor is the principal executive of the university, who is assisted by Rector in academic programs and Registrar in financial management and general administration. Tribhuvan University, a non-profit autonomous institution, is financed mainly by the Government of Nepal. Objectives of Tribhuvan University: - To produce skilled manpower essential for the overall development of Nepal; - To preserve and develop historical and cultural heritage of the nation; - To accumulate, advance and disseminate knowledge; and - To encourage and promote research in arts, science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, management and education as well as in the vocational fields.


P.O. Box: 1175


Manoj Pandey




Education / Research

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