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NIH (National Institute of Health Islamabad)

Responsible / founder for the newly developed national WHO reference centre of Environmental Health Protection Unit in the country. Responsible for the technical activities related to water safety & Sanitation development, management tasks, strengthening, governance & policy, water & sanitation, monitoring the water quality parameters and operational support to the EHPU of Public Health Division, National Institute of Health Islamabad. Responsible for standards setting, protocols, legislation on environmental risk factors, health surveillance, corrective and mitigation actions, capacity building at provincial, district and union council level, public awareness and advocacy, environmental health information on sanitation network and data bank etc. Responsible for Public / Community Health related activities, i.e. Planning, implementation, Water & Sanitation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Indicators, Analysis and Progress Reporting etc)


Chak Shazad
44000 Islamabad


Jamal Abdul Nasir


+9251 9255812


Governmental / State-owned organisation

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