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Fundación SODIS

The SODIS Foundation works in Bolivia since the year 2001. It is a non-profit organisation that aims at creating, developing and managing sustainable projects to benefit the most vulnerable population. It is involved in water and sanitation interventions, reduction of child mortality and morbidity caused by infections related to lack of safe water such as diarrhoeal diseases. It develops and applies technology and biotechnology related to water purification and latrines. It is also committed to fight effects of climate change, and reduce impact of humans on nature through behaviour change, education and health promotion. In addition, it contributes to several academic and epidemiological studies in cooperation with universities and institutions working on public health in several countries. The Foundation is currently searching for donors and institutional and scientific cooperation with several organisations around the world.


Romualdo Herrera 770
00001 La Paz


Michael Schulte, Elsa Sánchez


+591 2 2486087


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