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ACF (Action Contre la Faim)

Sanitation (and water) conditions directly affect health and food security and are key components in the fight against Hunger and Malnutrition. For 25 years, in line with its vocation of fighting Hunger, the Action contre la Faim international network has been implementing field programmes aimed at supporting populations in humanitarian situations, along with research and technical development in order to optimise its interventions. The mandate of ACF, since 1979, is dual: - To fight against hunger and undernutrition worldwide especially severe acute under-nutrition, a preventable disease affecting 19 million people and killing 1 million under 5 children every year. - To respond to and be prepared for emergencies, as well as working on mitigation and prevention of disasters’ impact. ACF’s approach to under-nutrition combines the treatment with an integrated preventive approach, based on the UNICEF conceptual framework of undernutrition. The 3 main underlying causes of undernutrition - Food Security & Livelihoods, Care practices and Public and environmental Health - directly or indirectly relate to an inadequate access to water, sanitation and hygiene. ACF approach to disasters is to intervene both at field and global levels, getting actively involved in coordination bodies such as Global Clusters. ACF intervenes from emergency through rehabilitation and up to development, in more than 45 countries, with more than 4600 staff, and support 4.6 million people worldwide including more than 2 million for the WASH sector. Beside the clusters, ACF is member of key networks including End Water Poverty, Partenariat Français de l’Eau, and now SuSanA.


4 rue Niepces
75020 Paris


Julien Eyrard, Jean Lapegue


00 33 1 43 35 86 36


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