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2010 - Economical feasibility of using urine versus struvite as fertiliser - Using the example of GIZ in Eschborn. Braum, C. Bachelor Thesis, Faculty 09 - Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences and Environmental Management, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany. [1.07 MB]

The research’s aim was to identify the most favourable alternative of human urine and struvite usage as innovative fertilisers compared to traditional resources. …

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2009 - Closing nutrient cycles in decentralised water treatment systems in the Mekong Delta - SANSED – Project Final Report. Arnold, U., Gesens, F. University of Bonn, Germany. [3.76 MB]

The SANSED project was initiated in the frame of the German-Vietnamese collaboration in research and technology on water research and environment, agreed on by the responsible …

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2008 - Europe’s sanitation problem - 20 million Europeans need access to safe and affordable sanitation. Buitenkamp, M., Stintzing, A. R. Women in Europe for a common future (WECF). [4.93 MB]

As follow up of the high level European conference on January 29 in Brussels, the seminar “Europe’s Sanitation Problem” in the Stockholm World Water Week addressed the …

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2001 - Closing the Loop - Ecological sanitation for food security. Esrey, S., Andersson, I., Hillers, A., Sawyer, R. Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 2000. [1.22 MB]

"Closing the Loop - Ecological sanitation for food security" is a final outcome of a workshop of the same name held in Mexico in October 1999. The workshop brought together …

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