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Research projects funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

In late 2012, the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Team of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced 
their partnership with SuSanA to help showcase their investments in R&D. They believe that this exchange sparks more ideas, and that collaboration helps us all achieve our goals more efficiently. 
Through a grant to Stockholm Environment Institute, a team composed of Arno Rosemarin, Elisabeth von Muench, Dorothee Spuhler, Nelson Ekane and Kim Andersson is providing this service and helps to link each research project to the wider international sanitation community. 
Developing innovative technology to improve the lives of billions of people is dependent on how we work together, learn from each other, and collaborate to implement solutions. This is why the foundation embraces a Global Access Policy as described in all grant agreements and contracts that they make. The grantees are encouraged to share their project materials on the SuSanA platform.

The 85 grants made by the BMGF under their grant schemes "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge" (RTTC Rounds 1, 2 and 3), "Grand Challenges Exploration" (GCE Rounds 6 and 7) as well as other schemes are listed below, grouped by five thematic categories, which can be accessed via the sub-menu items on the left:
  1. Resource recovery from excreta or faecal sludge
  2. Processing technologies for excreta or faecal sludge
  3. User interface
  4. Faecal sludge transport
  5. Enabling environment and others
For each grant, a link is given to its discussion on the SuSanA discussion forum, as well as a SuSanA library entry where further documents can be found. As of July 2014, 67 grants have been launched on the forum.

The 85 grants are being introduced and discussed in the SuSanA discussion forum here:
>> Discussion forum

Reports from the grants, as well as other consultancy reports for the BMGF are available in the SuSanA library:
>> Reports on research results in library

The SEI project team organised seven webinars during the period July 2013 until April 2014, during which 20 grantees presented their research projects:
>> Youtube Playlist for webinars 

At the Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Delhi, India, in March 2014, the SEI project team filmed interviews and tours of exhibits of 17 sanitation research projects:
>> Videos from the Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Delhi, March 2014

Many of the grants were presented at the Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM2) in Durban, South Africa in October 2012:
>> FSM2 Conference presentations and videos

A short overview of the two grant types for sanitation research (RTTC and GCE) is available here:
>> Overview of grant conditions

The public list of awarded grants is updated regularly on the Foundation website, and you can sort it to see just the grants in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene:
>> Public grant database of the BMGF

  • You can use the search functions in the discussion forum or in the library to search for information on specific topics.
  • If you have any feedback or questions about the introduction of these research grants on the SuSanA website and forum, please contact the community manager for this part of the discussion forum:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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