SuSanA news mail (Sept. 2010)

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1. SuSanA video: Voices from the 12th SuSanA meeting
2. Minutes of the 12th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm
3. Interviews with sanitation professionals during World Water Week including Jack Sim, Kamal Kar, Madeleine Fogde and other SuSanA members
4. New portal for journalists on SuSanA website
5. Six new SuSanA partners
6. SuSanA wishes to nominate a person for the AfricaSan Awards 2010
7. New case studies (in Spanish) about projects in Mexico and Peru



1. SuSanA video: Voices from the 12th SuSanA meeting

A beautiful video was produced about the 12th SuSanA meeting thanks to the dedicated efforts of our new colleague Philipp Feiereisen (GTZ). The video (6 minutes) shows glimpses of the meeting and important statements from participants.

Enjoy the video on . Your feedback is most welcome. An extended version with full length videos may still be produced (if you can help, please contact us). Anybody who is not able to watch the video please let us know, so we can provide you with an alternative.


2. Minutes of the 12th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm

The 12th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm was attended by 62 participants from 18 countries on the 3 and 4 September. It was a successful meeting in a very conducive and friendly atmosphere with a joint plenary, working group meetings and a core group meeting. The plenary allowed newcomers, members and partners to get a quick overview about SuSanA and the working groups. Discussions took place on various sanitation issues and on the future of SuSanA. Please see the detailed minutes of the meeting for further information.

- Minutes of the 12th SuSanA meeting on 3-4 September in Stockholm 
- Minutes of the core group meeting taking place on 4 September after the main SuSanA meeting


3. Interviews with sanitation professionals during World Water Week including Jack Sim, Kamal Kar, Madeleine Fogde and other SuSanA members

There are some interesting short interviews of SuSanA members available on which is a unique video project by SIWI, IRC, Akvo and Arghyam to interview water and sanitation professionals. You can check out some of the relevant videos of SuSanA members under, for example:

- Kamal Kar on CLTS
- Madeleine Fogde on Capacity building for sustainable sanitation
- Jack Sim on Smelly Toilets causes Cancer
- Elisabeth von Muench on Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)

See also a new video clip by SuSanA co-founding member Jack Sim about the value of SuSanA:


4. New portal for journalists on SuSanA website

The SuSanA website now has a portal for journalists, which will help interested media professionals to find the right information amongst the wealth of information on the SuSanA website with just a few clicks. If you have simple, easy to understand materials (or stories) on sustainable sanitation which are suitable for journalists, please bring them to our attention and we will upload them to the SuSanA website.


5. Six new SuSanA partners

The following six new partners have joined SuSanA since August 2010 bringing the total number to 134. For more information on each partner please look at the partner section or see their introduction on the SuSanA facebook page

- Number 129: PHLUSH (Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human), USA, contact person: Carol McCreary, . As a public restroom advocacy group founded in Portland, Oregon in 2006, PHLUSH works for better designed and more effectively managed public restrooms.They believe that toilet availability is a human right. Clean safe public restrooms help people remain healthy, walk rather than drive, and spend time away from home with family and friends.

- Number 130: ACF (Action Contre la Faim), France, contact person: Julien Eyrad, . The mandate of ACF, since 1979, is dual:
- To fight against hunger and under-nutrition worldwide especially severe acute under-nutrition, a preventable disease affecting 19 million people and killing 1 million under 5 children every year.
- To respond to and be prepared for emergencies, as well as working on mitigation and prevention of impacts of disasters.

- Number 131: ISF (Institute for Sustainable Futures) of the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, contact: Dena Fam, . The Institute for Sustainable Futures was established as a flagship research institute of the University of Technology, Sydney in 1996. Its mission is to create change towards a sustainable future through independent, project-based research.

- Number 132: Synergy International, India, contact person: Mini Puri, . They identify and qualify technologies to help resolve issues of the rural and remote communities living without basic utilities like grid electricity, safe drinking water, sanitation, education, health services etc.

- Number 133: UST (Unnayan Shahojogy Team), Bangladesh, contact person: Shad Md. Anowar Kamal, . Unnayan Shahojogy Team is a national NGO working in Bangladesh since 1986. It mobilises available resources for the benefits of the rural poor, especially for the disadvantaged women and children.

- Number 134: WiSDOM (Women in Sustainable Development of Moldova), Moldova, contact person: Nadejda Andreev, . WiSDOM is a non-governmental organisation that promotes the concepts of sustainable development pleading for a wise attitude towards present and future and empowering the women participation in sustainable development.


6. SuSanA wishes to nominate a person for the AfricaSan Awards (2010)

The AMCOW AfricaSan Awards are dedicated to recognising outstanding efforts and achievements in sanitation and hygiene in Africa which result in large-scale, sustainable behaviour changes and tangible impacts. The following award categories will be considered:

1. Public service award
2. Distinguished woman leader in sanitation and hygiene
3. Grassroots champion award

Last year we cherished our dear colleague Dr. Peter Morgan (from Zimbabwe) and he ended up winning the award for Technical Innovation which was great! Let us again nominate someone from the SuSanA network to the AfricaSan Awards 2010 (deadline 30 Oct.). So if you have suggestions for a noteworthy individual or organisation from Africa who has worked hard and successfully for sustainable sanitation, please forward your suggestions to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

More information available here:


7. New case studies (in Spanish) about projects in Mexico and Peru

We are happy to announce the publishing of two new spanish case studies (draft versions) about projects in Latin America.
The project in Peru was a pilot project in Trujillo: Constructed wetlands were built to treat the wastewater of a school in an arid peri-urban area. You can find the case study here:
The Mexican case study describes the construction of UDDTs on household level in a rural area near Oaxaca. The human waste is successfully used for gardening. You find the case study here:


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