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Water Week Latinoamérica 2013 - Viña del Mar, Chile

17.03.2013 - 22.03.2013

Open call for papers

Conference topic(s) should be related to some of the following topics:

- Water and Industry
- Water and Food Security
- Water Supply and Sanitation
- Water Governance
- New Water Sources
- Water and Conservation
- Water Energy and Climate Change
- Transboundary basins

Goals of the Water Week

•Explore the challenges of water, society, environment, and economy.
•Promote proactive partnerships and alliances between individuals and organizations with different specializations.
•Emphasize and highlight best practices and innovation in the development of policies and research


Water Week Latin America will be held at the Sheraton Miramar Hotel in the city of Viña del Mar. This international 5-star hotel is located along the main gateway of the city and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the bay of Valparaiso and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The new deadline for abstract submission is on November 9th.
The abstract(s) can be sent to wwl@fundacionchile.cl or to Javiera Herrera, jherrera@fundacionchile.cl.

External Link for more information:
Water Week Latinoamérica




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