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Blogs on sanitation

This section provides links to blogs in the sanitation sector.

water services that last
This blog aims to regularly report experiences, stories and questions on sustainable water supply and sanitation. The blog is a forum for asking questions and provoking debate on how sustainability of water and sanitation systems can be improved. It seeks to provide examples and learn from failures. It does not aim to provide ready-made answers; if those would exist, they would win the Nobel Prize for Water, or, more likely, the Silver Bullet Award.

IRC Thematic Blogs
IRC Thematic BlogsThe International Water and Sanitation Center (IRC) publishes seven thematic blogs on sanitation. They are used as platforms for sharing, promotion and use of knowledge on the sector.

Sustainable Sanitation in Emergency & Reconstruction

Sustainable Sanitation in Emergency & ReconstructionThis blog is meant to collect new developments and innovations about sustainable sanitation in emergencies and reconstruction situations. A lot of important information is circulating in the field through individual pilots, informal networks, email and personal communication, and too little information is found synthesised and published, even in grey literature. This blog was therefore created to capture some of this information and collect it in one place and in that way try to stimulate information sharing and networking between practitioners.


Inodoroseco - Experiences from El Salvador
Inodoroseco blog - experiences from El SalvadorThe Inodoroseco blog is about ecological sanitation in El Salvador. It is an exchange of information about the building of Ecological Dry Toilets. Chris Canaday runs this biligual (spanish/english) blog.

Ecosan Network Kenya
Ecosan Network KenyaThe Ecosan network Kenya is a loose network of interested ecosan practitioners, fans and other interested people in productive sanitation. The GTZ ecosan program in Germany decided to support ecosan activities in Kenya. It has set up this Blog to provide a platform for everybody interested in ecological sanitation to exchange ideas, to communicate events and to present ecosan projects.

Sanitation updates

This blog/news feed provides frequent updates on sanitation. It is maintained by the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre and by USAID’s Environmental Health knowledge management activity and the Hygiene Improvement Project. Originally it was set up to promote the 2008 International Year of Sanitation and continues to provide news, information and resources in support of achieving the goal of sanitation for all.The case studies collection comprises project experiences from all over the world. You can find examples from different locations (rual or urban), technologies (low or high tech), cultural settings and type of projects (pilot or large scale). 

Duncan Mara's Sanitation blog

This is the SANITATION blog from Duncan Mara with around 200 entries on various sanitation related aspects. Duncan Mara is a professor of civil engineering at the University of Leeds in England currently. He has been working on low-cost sanitation in developing countries since the mid-1970s, and also on low-cost wastewater treatment and reuse.




Saniblog started off as an open blog in November 2007 to celebrate the International Year of Sanitation in 2008. The initial motivation was to have a platform for sanitation-related news as there were no other blogs covering this special topic way back in 2007.



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