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2013 - Integrated urban sanitation at scale - Discussion paper. Keipp, W., Schuen, R., Hoffmann, H. KfW Bankengruppe, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. [1.25 MB]

This trilogy of working papers covers the topics of technology, finance and hygiene and gives specific recommendations for the integration of non-sewer-based sanitation in urban …

Uploaded on 3 Jun 2014 • Views: 464 • Downloads: 40

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2010 - Public toilets in Vienna - Operation between cost efficiency and service for the public. Klaesener-Metzner, N. Published in EcoSan Club Sustainable Sanitation Practice Issue 2, pp. 4-9. [324.29 KB]

The keys to sustainable and therefore successful operation of public toilets are cleanliness and accessibility, unfortunately in most cases these qualities cannot be found easily. …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 1198 • Downloads: 25

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2008 - Separate Erfassung und Behandlung von Urin, Braun- und Grauwasser: Erfahrungen aus einem EU-Demonstrationsprojekt (in German) - Separate collection and treatment of urine, brown - and greywater: Experiences from an EU demonstration project. Peter-Fröhlich, A., Pawlowski, L., Bonhomme, A., Oldenburg, M. Berlin, Germany. [170.96 KB]

Das Hauptziel dieses EU-Demonstrationsprojekts war die Erprobung neuer Sanitärkonzepte zur Prüfung der Nachhaltigkeit gegenüber konventionellen Sanitärsystemen …

Uploaded on 28 Oct 2011 • Views: 1064 • Downloads: 21

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2007 - Sanitation concepts for separate treatment of urine, faeces and greywater (SCST) - Final report: EU-demonstration project. Peter-Fröhlich, A., Bonhomme, A. Oldenburg, M. KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH, Berlin, Germany. [4.51 MB]

In the SCST-Project (Sanitation Concepts for separate treatment of urine, faeces and greywater), different sanitation concepts were demonstrated as alternatives to coventional …

Uploaded on 5 Dec 2011 • Views: 1157 • Downloads: 62

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